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Music News: Matt Walst, On The Next Episode Of Palangi Studio Of Rock | Music Discovery XO



07-01-2023 23:11 GMT


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Music industry update | New York, USA | Indie artist, Frank Palangi

I recently discovered that Indians talk too fast for me to understand in normal everyday conversation. Does that make me racist in this utterly sensitive and overly-censored, algorithm governed world we live in today where everyone is tiptoeing around everyone's feelings. Ooops!! I mean everyone’s Tweets? Am I even allowed to say those words to anybody? I’m sure there is someone reading this with raised eye brows right now, 😊. Sorry if I have offended you already so early in what seemed like such a promising news story, I'm notorious for doing that. In fact if I have, you’d better stop reading now because I’m pretty sure I’ll do it again. I’m going somewhere with this, don’t worry, and you’ll see I wasn’t being racist. 

The other day, one of my colleagues asked for my signature. But he didn’t just say, “hey, could you sign here please”, or whatever normal people would say in a normal world. No, not in these crazy times when nothing is normal anymore and words don’t mean what they should anymore – darn millennials and their internet slang! They ruined EVERYTHING! 

The words that met my ears were “let me have your hand on my cock please”. “What?!”, I bellowed out angrily and followed with several bad words in disgust and told him to F* the F* off before I put my big ass Kanye West boots in his you know what. “How dare he?!”, I thought to myself. I didn’t know who it was that said that because I had my back turned as I worked frantically at whatever deadline I had looming at the time - I did not meet it by the way, and no, I wasn't sorry. No, not because I'm a total ass, but because I tried my best and that's all that counts (isn't it?). Anyway, before turning around I added to my thoughts, “It'd better be Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt or George Clooney or Taylor Swift that’s saying that sh*t to me on a Monday morning”. Not like I was going to do it but because anyone else would have gotten Will Smithed straight away – and in a proper way, not like a sissy, and I wouldn’t cry after doing it like a big ass baby. So anyway I turned around with a stern look and noticed the piece of paper and the pen being handed to me then I put two and two together and furnished it with an Indian accent in my head and realised that what I really heard was “let me have your John Hancock please”. 

I know, phew! right? 

But anyway, my point was… wait, what was my point again? 

Ah yes, that it's perfectly normal for people to express their concerns about things so that matters can be discussed openly and properly like adults instead of bottling it all up and exploding in someone's face like a 13 year old's first 3 seconds of a Cardi B video. I admit my reaction was a bit harsh but it was a Monday morning and I was still loaded on all the whisky and other amazing stuff God put on this fine earth for you and me (wink, wink, wink). Later, I went over to his desk, apologised and explained to him that he spoke too fast for me to understand most of the time; and then proceeded to sign his cock. Oops!! I mean give him my John Hancock, he-he-he. The next day when I got into the office I was met with boos and people threw balled up papers at me calling me a racist scum bag, can you believe that sh*t?

Anyway, I just thought I’d get that off my chest to see what everyone else thinks because I’ve been feeling really bad about it. I’m not a racist and I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise for my comments because I clearly offended everybody. I also kindly ask that whoever is doing it should stop drawing willies on my computer monitor and putting big black dildos on my chair, which I accidentally sit on every single time. Not cool guys, not cool. 

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get right down to the music news story of the day

As you may (or may not know), Frank Palangi, New York’s independent rock sensation is also a film maker, screenwriter, podcaster, producer, engineer, vocal coach, guitar tutor, songwriter and actor; and he has recently added the title of radio show host to his resume after securing his own show on the popular UK radio station Radio Wigwam. The show has quickly gained popularity among die hard indie music fans and continues to grow, with bigger and bigger guests being invited every subsequent episode to discuss their music careers. The next episode, which is scheduled for the 24th of January at 8 PM GMT, features critically acclaimed singer Matt Walst, famous for being a member of the popular bands Three Days of Grace and My Darkest Days.

Tune in for the show and navigate to previous episodes and other cool stuff using the link provided below.  

“Frank Palangi V”, Frank's latest album is available to stream and download on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music and all popular digital music discovery, streaming, download and promotion platforms.
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