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Megan McDuffee's music production tips



31-03-2022 01:22 GMT


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Music industry update | California, USA | Indie artist, Megan Mcduffee

With all that’s going on in the world today, people are finding different ways to get by and trying their hands at a whole lot of new stuff. Sometimes it’s stuff they wouldn’t have ordinarily even been remotely interested in and other times it’s stuff they just hadn’t got around to trying owing to the severe lack of time in this new busy busy world we live in today when if you blink for a second you could miss an apple fall on your head and your chance to be the next Isaac Newton, he-he-he. 

I too did a lot of stuff that was out of the ordinary during the pandemic and am in fact still doing them. To be honest, the pandemic changed my whole lifestyle in ways I never thought possible. I did a whole bunch of reading, and I hate reading. I hate anything to do with books. I hate books so much I still have recurring nightmares about late homework and studying for exams back in high school - I NEVER make the homework deadline and I NEVER pass, then I wake up with my heart pounding.   Sometimes I think it’s a sign but I don’t think any further than that. It’s so scary. 

I've also been doing squats every single day since lockdown started. I figured I've been an advocate, connoisseur and absolute nut for firm butts with a certain je ne sais quoi for my entire adult life, why not get one myself, so I can look back at it in the mirror and make duck faces like Kim Kardashian. Right now my cheeks are so firm that even Moses couldn't part them 😂. That's not an invitation for you to touch them if we meet, I'm just telling you how much progress I've made. 

Well, now that it’s out there and you know what I spent a lot of time doing during lockdown; what have you been doing? I’m sure you’ve been making the most of the new found time at home but if you haven’t there is still time. Tweet me @skunkradiolive

Oh by the way, did you know that that infamous apple that led to the discovery of gravity never actually dropped on Newton’s head? Nope! Did you actually think he was sitting 90 degrees underneath an apple tree reading a book and an apple dropped right on his head and the first thing he thought was “ding! aha!”.  Everyone knows that sort of thing could only happen if you were sitting 90 degrees underneath a palm tree smoking a fat zoot with a cold beer on a hot summer day, not reading. Plus, don’t you think it would have hurt too much? But anyway, now you know. He observed it fall from a tree, it didn’t fall on his head. I learned that during lockdown too. I also learned that the phrase “Survival of the Fittest” doesn’t actually mean survival of the most physically fit but rather survival of the most fit to survive at the time. And there I was hitting the gym every day for years, what a sucker. I know better now 😊. 

One thing more and more people have been doing nowadays is getting into the art of making music. There is so much music production software out there, and the equipment is so accessible and a lot more cheaper now that everyone is quickly discovering that we human beings all have music deep inside us, if we can only find it.

This week, video game composer and synthpop artist Megan McDuffee released an exciting video with some tips on how to make a great score. Whether you’ve recently started making music, you’ve been doing it for a while or you don’t know where to start; or even if you have no intention of ever taking your God-given musical talents any further than singing in the shower and the occasional hum in a desperate bid to disguise what you are doing in the toilet after a really spicy dinner when you’ve got company and they think you are classy so you are playing music so soft you could hear a pin drop in the background, and what you’re dropping is way bigger than pins; the video could give you some exciting insights into the life of a really exciting music composer and the music industry in general. Check out the video in the player below. Be sure to follow Megan on social media and check back here regularly for more exciting videos like this with creative and/or business related music industry tips, she’s so awesome. 

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