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08-01-2023 01:15 GMT


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Music industry update | Wisconsin, USA | Indie band, The Last Bees

I hate when people ask me if I play the guitar, when they discover I’ve got a fancy guitar in my office. For the one thousandth time - NO! I don’t!

I’ve also got a pair of Mike Tyson gloves in a glass cabinet, but I’m not a boxer either am I? And a framed replica of Holyfield’s ear on my desk that reminds me to win by any means necessary but again I’ve never bitten anybody, in fact, I’ve never even eaten anybody either and I never will – and F* No! Stop asking! Not even if Kim Kardashian offered me a glass of wine and a plate of her pubes. I could tell, you were about to ask so I just thought I'd throw that out there, moving on... 

I’ve also even got a loaded pistol and a big ass bag of cocaine, a bag of weed and some pills in the bottom left drawer of my desk but I’m not a drug dealer either. I know you need an explanation for those last ones, he-he-he. Nope, I don’t do drugs, and I hope you don’t too – okay scratch that last part, I don’t care if you do. It’s there in case I’m interviewing some big shot rock star or rapper, or Madonna, or Snoop Dogg, or Bill Clinton or somebody I’ve been trying to meet for a long time and they run out of drugs right in the middle of the interview. I know what you’re thinking – “aww, how thoughtful”, right? I know, I’m just awesome like that, mama raised me right. And besides, I’d hate to have the career-changing interview I’ve been waiting on my whole life to suddenly get cut short because of something as silly as someone running out of weed or cocaine and totally losing interest or sobering up and realizing how boring I really am to them (sad face). The pistol is in case they try to leave without paying for it (Mike Tyson face). 

Wait, I think I’ve said too much. Don’t tell anyone okay? I’m trusting you. Let's move on, quick!

There was once this amazing independent rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA called Ian and the Dream. They were awesome! So awesome in fact that without a record deal they reigned supreme as the most in demand rock act in the region right from the day of their debut and were the talk of the town until one day, for reasons no one has ever really been able to put a finger on, they vanished into thin air. Before long, they re-emerged bigger, better and more influential than anyone could have ever dreamed an independent rock band could be, with a brand new sound and a brand new style reminiscent of the greatest band of all time, The Beatles. The new band is called The Last Bees. They are doing amazing things and according to many critics and fans, are poised to rise higher up the ranks than they did previously. They already have two critically acclaimed EPs and several successful singles under their belt, each of which received more acclaim than the last. Fans and people like me are following their every move very closely.

Their latest release, a Spider-Man inspired song titled “No Way Home”, which was released just before summer last year; is now quickly gaining a lot of traction on TikTok. It features Nashville, Tennessee, US independent power pop musician Johnathan Pushkar and Canadian artist Laurier Lachance.

Check out the music video below and make sure you make a TikTok video or two when you get home (not at work okay?). 

“No Way Home” is available to stream and download on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music and all popular digital music streaming,  discovery, download and promotion platforms.

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