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05-08-2022 16:22 GMT


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Music industry update | Florida, USA | Indie artist, Honorebel

I want to talk about a touchy subject today, before we get into this news story but I have a feeling you’re not going to like it. In fact I know you’re not going to like it at all. I can tell you’re already cringing slightly. It’s a dirty subject many male rappers are talking about too openly for comfort nowadays and one that dirty female rappers have started talking about openly too. In the spirit of keeping things clean (ironically), let’s use the phrase “Fellatio of the buttocks” - yeah I said it! And heck yeah, I went there, I brought it up. And we are going to sit down right here right now and discuss it once and for all. 

Now, I understand you didn’t come here to discuss this and probably wouldn’t do it under normal circumstances but it’s an issue that’s been bothering me and I really wanted to get it off my chest so my mind can rest. Why are the youth going to these lengths to please their spouses? Would you respect your spouse if they ate your ass on a Monday? Oops!! I said it, darn 😊 (I meant to say "tossed your salad on a Monday", that sounds so much more elegant doesn't it? Like they had a napkin and everything, he-he-he). On a Monday, and it wasn’t even your birthday, or Christmas; you didn’t get a promotion or just get out of prison, nothing; they just did that and then got up a few hours later and went to work with that filthy filthy mouth. Would you still kiss them the same way? Okay I think it’s off my chest now. I’ve realised why it was bothering me so much. And I’ll tell you. 

As a writer, their could be no greater sense of achievement than creating your very own word and getting it into the Oxford dictionary; and this very moment I realised my calling – to come up with a socially acceptable word for “Fellatio of the buttocks” - as I'll start calling it now in the meantime, and a word for people who like to indulge in it too. OMG I’m so excited, words are popping into my head already. How does “Butt”er Love sound? Or wait, wait how about Brown Cherry Pie? Or Brown Berry? Or Brown Cherry? Or wait, Pink Eye Pie? No wait, Stinky Pinky - nah, that’s too strong. Dirty Brownie? What about Anal"eat"ics? Oh snap, I’ve got it – Analogy. Oh darn that’s a word already, would have been spot on though. How about Where’d-Dis-Corn-Come-From (as one word, i.e. Whereddiscorncomefrom - clever ey? No?). LOL, why do these all sound like cocktails? He-he-he, never mind anyway. I’ll make sure you are first to know once I’ve figured it out. And you better not steal my idea 😊. Just kidding, I trust you. Follow me @skunkradiolive and come back here in a few weeks, I’m sure I’ll have a word by then.

Alright let’s get serious now, back to the main story of the day. Let’s get our minds out of the gutter and focus. You ready? You’re gonna love it. And you know, it was really exciting brainstorming with you just now, we should do it again sometime. 

There's been news about a new Honorebel album in the works but nothing is final yet. A few dates were mentioned, which have now passed, there was even talk of a title "444", but nothing so far. A series of exciting new singles have however been surfacing and building the buzz surrounding the critically acclaimed independent Miami, Florida reggae music sensation once again, and fans and die-hard reggae music critics - who, more often than not find it hard to find anything to criticize; are getting really excited about the possibility of a new album on the way. Among the several collaborative projects with award-winning world-renowned artists, the single "Can't Let Go", his latest work with Los Angeles, California rapper Snoop Dogg is really causing a lot of pandemonium and is proving to be one of the top independent summer reggae anthems this year. It's been just over 6 years since the pair last worked together, on the track "Lift Me Up", back in 2016. The song is available to stream and download on Soundcloud and selected independent music promotion platforms

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