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Lyk Dis?



14-07-2022 04:29 GMT


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Music industry update | New York, USA | Indie artist, Tamara Bubble

Weird stuff keeps me up late at night sometimes. Like: why wouldn’t Ross and Rachel from “Friends” just get back together? They were on a break darn it! Why couldn’t she just understand, and just deal with it? Huh?! I’ve done worse on my lunch break and no one ever found out. Oops!! I’ve said too much. Let’s move on quickly ... 

Or that Laura girl from that old “Family Matters” show. Why wouldn’t she just get with Steve and give him a chance? He wanted her so so bad. Good lord, he wanted her Bad! 

But you know what really keeps me up at night? When is Uber going to start hiring more female or female-friendly drivers? I’m sick of these darn "speed racers"  (and yes, I'm pretty sure they cum too quick as well 😆, after all that's what speed racers do), driving crazy like that driver in that old movie “Ghost”. Sometimes I actually wake up the morning after with only vague memories of getting in a cab; feeling like a ghost and dreading the worst - that the Uber crashed and I died. Then I remember what I’d been doing before getting in the taxi, phew!! and I'm totally relieved. In case you were wondering what I'd been doing, none of your business okay - just stuff. Okay I hang out around rappers sometimes late at night after work alright? You got me. Sue me. And no, I’m no Bill Clinton or Snoop Doggy Dogg, but if you smoke around me I’ll be sure to inhale it, every last bit of it, right before telling you off for smoking indoors or nearby and storming out like I didn't enjoy every bit of it for the several hours that had past, he-he-he. 

But this is not about me, or Uber drivers that cum too quick... 

Brooklyn, New York hip hop sensation Tamara Bubble just released a hot new record with emerging Utah indie pop sensation Shanin Blake. Like many records Tamara has released since the start of her illustrious independent music career, the record is causing a stir among her peers and is once again threatening to raise the bar for emerging female rappers and R&B singers so high Wiz Khalifa would try to reach it (but he's not a female rapper, so he'll never get there obviously). According to many critics this one will be sure to keep a lot of female rappers up at night. The music video for the new track "Lyk Dis" premiered on YouTube on the 1st of June. The song is available to stream and download on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and all popular digital music streaming and download platforms and apps

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