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What is a Rock 'n Rolla?



14-07-2022 03:13 GMT


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Music industry update | Mississippi, USA | Indie artist, Coolidge

Anonymous posting is what allows us at the SRL writers' room to express ourselves freely without the fear of backlashes, persecution or whatever may result if any of us hurts anyone’s feelings or unsettles anyone in any way (accidentally obviously 😊). Sadly it happens more often than not nowadays because everyone is so darn sensitive now. So buckle up, that’s all I’m saying. Don’t worry I’ll be gentle. Wait, that sounded weird (thinking emoji) …

Anyway, you know that awesome feeling you get when you tie your gym shorts really tight for a session, and then the next time you put them on they are really loose?

 You are not about to have it 😊, He-he-he, sorry to disappoint you. 

 Wait, you’ve never had it? Wait, wait, wait, wait. You don’t have gym shorts!? WTF!! Okay stop playing, you’ve got gym shorts right? Don’t make my head explode right now. What do you do after a night of strong weed and really good cake? Sleep? OMG!! You’re totally killing me right now… Alright moving on, that’s your business, be you. It’s all good, and I totally mean that – it’s all good, everything you do is totally fine, no matter how anyone feels about it, screw them, in fact screw me for bringing that up, I don’t know what I was thinking.

Now, let’s get right down to the main story of the day, the reason you and I both are here right now interacting – you reading and me writing. I don’t know about you but as a writer this is so exciting for me, I’m all tingly with butterflies in my belly right now 😊. Thanks for reading, you’re so awesome.

Drevo Coolidge just released his latest record “Rock 'N Rolla”, and just as anyone who is anyone had expected, it’s hitting all the right notes with critics and fans everywhere. If you don’t know about Coolidge then you are about to discover something new that will light a fire in your belly and make you feel like a virgin again. Okay wait, maybe not like a virgin, you’ve done it too many times, I can tell 😊; but by the time you are done delving into his extensive, highly intoxicating discography you’ll feel pretty darn good. 

He’s reigned as Mississippi’s most exciting and most prolific underground rapper for several years now and is on his way to becoming the region’s next big hip hop star. Courtney Moore, known by his stage names:  Coolidge, King Drevo, Drevo, Drevvy or simply Drevo Coolidge; has already released several critically acclaimed records this year, and the new four track EP which was released on the 11th of June is just one of several high profile summer 2022 projects the underground Jackson star has been promoting. He also recently told fans he pitched a screenplay titled “What is a Rock 'N Rolla” to some really amazing people in the TV business and they loved it, but we’ll talk more about that later when we have more details. The EP was released exclusively on YouTube, but don’t go anywhere, just scroll down to the bottom and listen to it right here right now. I’m about to do the same thing as well. Are you holding onto your socks too? You’d better. It’s going to be huge, I’m telling you.

.. Sigh! I can’t believe it, I did it! I think I managed to get through this whole news story without hurting anyone’s feelings; or saying stuff about Jesus or Kanye West, Kim Kardashian’s butt hole, rappers that eat ass, hating kids, kissing girls, people who still think it’s funny to give me a soft dildo on my birthday (seriously, it’s getting old – stop it!), and annoying co-workers who stand too close behind me  and smell my hair in the elevator. I feel awesome and proud of myself right now, but to be honest a small part of me kind of wishes I did. Arrgh! I think this calls for a drink. See you again next time. And have a wonderful day.


Stream "Rock 'N Rolla" on YouTube:

Stream "Rock 'N Rolla" on YouTube:

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