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Music News: Frank's Best Peds, And They're Legal | Music Discovery XO



28-05-2022 17:28 GMT


Indie Music Press Releases (May 2022) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Rock artists, bands & labels with news updates announcing the latest music releases, live events/gigs, concert/tour dates, & other entertainment stories, articles & headlines from your favorite indie Rock performers & entertainers daily on SRL News.
Music industry update | New York, USA | Indie artist, Frank Palangi

Office parties are so much fun but I’ve decided to stop attending. People always seem to confide in me when they’ve been drinking, even the ones I’ve never spoken to, in fact, especially the ones I’ve never spoken to. They tell me things about themselves I never wanted to know about anybody; and for some reason, nowadays, it’s either about sex, drugs or rock ‘n roll – and I hate rock ‘n roll. Well, not so much rock ’n roll as I do rock stars. They all seem so arrogant and stern, at least the old school ones – they think they own the modern music industry and everything music. And maybe they do, but they need to come to terms with the fact that there are other genres now – everybody can’t be the next Jimi Hendrix okay, just deal with it. Like that Todd Rundgren guy who was quick to call Kanye West a dilettante, he-he-he, what a word right? When I first heard it I immediately assumed it meant lunatic for some reason. Kanye’s not a dilettante, a little crazy sometimes maybe but certainly not a dilettante. I bet you too would be a little crazy after "tasting Ray Jay’s chicken" and realizing you’ll never be able to get that taste out of your mouth 😊. Take some time to decipher what I meant by tasting Ray Jay's chicken here... Take all the time you need, don't worry, I'll wait...

Got it? 

Okay I was just kidding alright? I love Kim and I'm not bi or gay or curious or anything but I'm pretty darn sure I'd totally taste it too, after a few too many drinks on a good night out obviously, not in my right mind - and not the chicken obviously, the henhouse. There, I said it. Wait, do you need time to decipher that too? Okay, take your time... 

Anyway, back to the story…

At our last office party someone sat down beside me while I was in a very pensive Jack Daniel’s moment,  pondering softly about absolutely nothing and staring into a half empty glass (oops!! half full I mean 😁) with an untouched can of Coke in the distance and a half full bottle of Jack that I had pushed even further away in disgust as if rebuking it a few minutes prior. I didn’t make eye contact in hopes that she would go away and not disturb my moment of peace but she moved really close and whispered into my ear in a very remorseful voice -  “OMG, I’ve been so bad”. My immediate response was “Oh my God, who gives a f***?”. I didn’t say it to her but I was thinking it. I hoped my lack of response would make her go away but she continued – “Last night my daughter asked me for some advice about boys and I told her to forget about boys and just kiss girls”. She quickly proceeded to explain – “You know, I don’t want anyone sticking their filthy willie in my little princess; but I wouldn’t mind someone tossing her salad a little bit every now and again”. It totally made sense but I was still listening to her through my peripheral and not making eye contact to signal that I wasn’t interested even though she immediately gained my full attention when she said just kiss girls. She faded away into the distance and all I could think was “Wait, don’t leave; you smell so good”. I even tried to say it telepathically too, but it didn't work. To cut a long story short, I ended up pulling the half empty bottle of Jack back to me to fill the hole that awesome-smelling stranger left behind. To be honest I’m still a little aroused and I wish I could find her. Again, I must stress that I'm not bi or gay or curious or anything - I just like being around people that smell really good and make me feel warm and tingly inside when I'm drinking, I wasn't planning to kiss her or anything. 12 hours later, and I’m here, writing to you, my number one fan. You make everything better. Yes, you - you’re so awesome. 

Now let’s get right down to Frank Palangi’s pedals, shall we. Oh and sorry to disappoint you but when I said "Frank's Best Peds" I was referring to pedals not Performance Enhancing Drugs, which I know absolutely nothing about and will never use (wink, wink, wink). 

Frank's famous words, “No Plan B” still ring true over 10 years since the start of his illustrious independent music career, and even after suffering a massive setback just over 9 months ago when his home recording studio was mysteriously struck by lightning and burnt to the ground, New York’s sensational indie rock superstar is still showing no signs of giving up. Sure, it may sound like something out of a movie, but it really happened – and heck no, it wasn’t a publicity stunt to promote his latest single at the time “Fire of Love”. Yep, the fire happened shortly after the release of his latest single at the time “Fire of Love”. He’s been re-building the studio one instrument at a time and recently started using the opportunity to introduce each crucial item to his loyal fan base as they arrive so that they can get an insight into some of the magic that happens behind the scenes and some of the gadgets that make it all happen. 

This week we had the pleasure of meeting Frank’s new peds, the Dept. 10 dual distortion pedals by Blackstar, a British company formed in 2007 that is now hailed as being one of the world’s most innovative guitar amp brands by some of the world’s greatest musicians and bands. Frank, who is now endorsed by the company as one of it’s officially supported acts, told fans that he has been using Blackstar cabinets, tube pedals and amp heads since 2016. So there you have it, some more insight into the life and times of one of the most successful rising, completely independent New York musicians of all time. 

It's been a pleasure to have you here again. More soon...

And have a wonderful day...

By the way, do you know you can help Frank in rebuilding his recording studio? Yes, you can, everyone's doing it. Just head over to his website for details, the link is available below. 

Music News: Saachi Sen's "Jacob" Launch Party In London | Music Discovery XO



13-05-2022 04:47 GMT


Indie Music Press Releases (May 2022) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Pop artists, bands & labels with news updates announcing the latest music releases, live events/gigs, concert/tour dates, & other entertainment stories, articles & headlines from your favorite indie Pop performers & entertainers daily on SRL News.
Music industry update | London, UK | Indie artist, Saachi Sen

I hate when people say weird stuff to me; like “Happy 4:20”… Isn’t that such a ridiculous and annoying thing to say? 

“Why”, you may ask? And the answer is simple, but I’ll explain it to you first anyway. 

I believe in doing everything to the max every single time, and then subsequently doing it one last time for safety - you know, to be sure I hit and surpassed the last boundary or target I hit and surpassed the last time. And yes, I'm a very thorough lover, don't ask. To cut a long story short, if I was 4:20 friendly I would never remember when it was 4:20. Get it? In fact, I’d be so high all the time people won’t even be able to see me through all the smoke clouds, but when they do they would only be allowed to address me as His Royal Highness and never look me directly in the eyes, or else. With that being said, I should also mention that I'm a really good secondhand smoker, so if you've ever smoked in my office after I persistently asked you to stop with all the windows closed and wondered where all the smoke went, now you know - I don't have a magic vent or some kind of super multimillion dollar air conditioner that runs on Russian oil and makes things disappear in an instance like they had in the White House when Clinton was president 😁. Hell yeah I inhaled it, and I'd do it again. Now that we understand each other a little bit more, let’s get down to what we are both here for, this amazing news I’m about to tell you. And by the way it’s 4:20 AM right now and someone just whizzed past on one of those annoying scooter thingys wearing a silly helmet and wished me happy 4:20, that's what got me talking about that. What an ass hole, the vending machine is less than 10 feet away... I'm still very steamed and trying to cool down, bear with me...

I mean... how dare you tell me you’re high or about to get high, while I’m working? I don’t wanna hear that sh*t at 4 AM in the morning while I'm busier than a mosquito on a nudist beach and you just came in. SMH. I hope she reads this 😊. And isn’t it time people started walking about again instead of causing commotion with their motorized everything? Sigh! 

("Deep breaths")

Okay I think I'm good now. I've calmed down. Let’s get right down to it shall we…

London’s most exciting indie pop star, Saachi Sen announced that she’d be releasing a new record recently.  The official release date has been set for the 25th of May, 2022. It comes just over 4 months after she announced that she was heading back to the legendary Abbey Road Studios to record a new track and posted an exciting pic on social media that had us all tingling inside over here and would probably have you tingling inside too if you work in the music industry. Here's the pic below:

Saachi Sen recording music at Abbey Road Studios, London

In case you don’t already know, Abbey Road Studios is the most famous music recording studio in the world. It’s where the Beatles took that famous picture in which they were walking across a zebra crossing for their “Abbey Road” album cover, which paid homage to the iconic recording facility where they spent most of their careers recording and writing songs. Over 53 years on, it’s exciting to know that exceptionally talented acts like Saachi are still being hosted there. Every month on a particular day I won’t name, I get really wasted late at night and head over there to cross the iconic zebra crossing once in a particular direction at a very specific time with a magic wand in my pocket as a ritual for inspiration. It’s how I became such an awesome writer. Sh!!! Don’t tell anybody. Wait, why did I just tell you that? I better not catch anybody doing it. 

Now where were we? 

Ah yes, Saachi’s forthcoming track, “Jacob”, as mentioned previously, will be released on the 25th of May, 2022 and will be marked by a release party at the popular London late night live music venue and piano bar, Piano Smithfield. Tickets, time, venue information and other exciting Saachi Sen concert dates and appearances can be found on the SRL Events page. Head over there straight away and grab a ticket. Okay?!! ("Scarface voice") 

Oh wait, before you go, check out the image Saachi released as a sneak preview of what the cover artwork design of the track will look like. It’s so cool. I’m so excited already. 

CD cover artwork background image for new song, Jacob by Saachi Sen

Did I also mention that Saachi was invited back for a second year in a row to last year’s Pride’s Got Talent back in November? Even though many of the other band members couldn’t make it, the two out of five that were there put on a really spectacular and memorable performance. And then it suddenly hit me – is Saachi gay? After all, it is Pride’s Got Talent, a show dedicated to showcasing London’s rising LGBT stars, hosted by Pride in London, London’s gayest establishment 😊, literally. The thought still has me excited till this moment, in fact, just a second ago I caught myself subconsciously stroking one of my nipples really gently. Don’t worry, they’re really small so no one noticed. And yes, I can type with one hand too. So many talents, I know – I told you I was awesome already didn’t I. 

Anyway, that would be all for now. I hope you have a wonderful day. 

Music News: Friday Night! | Music Discovery XO



19-04-2022 17:37 GMT


Indie Music Press Releases (April 2022) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Pop artists, bands & labels with news updates announcing the latest music releases, live events/gigs, concert/tour dates, & other entertainment stories, articles & headlines from your favorite indie Pop performers & entertainers daily on SRL News.
Music industry update | Michigan, USA | Indie artist, Trevor Ohlsen

A Friday night is a terrible terrible thing to waste, but that’s not why news about this new record by Michigan’s rising pop star, Trevor Ohlsen is so exciting. Released on the 18th of February, 2022, it’s just one of several new and exciting records that have rained down on the world of indie pop since cities around the world started emerging ever so tentatively from their respective lockdowns. 

Trevor took the world by storm only a few years ago with the release of critically acclaimed independently released records like “This World Could Be Beautiful”, back when it was still cool to wear clothes that fit and women still wore bras if they decided not to button up their shirts for whatever reason. That’s not too long ago wasn’t it? Just over 5 years, maybe even a little less. Yep, but in today’s music industry years, that’s decades. And even though it seems as though times are changing exponentially more so than ever before, and new things are getting really old really really quickly; like every new iPhone, every new silly TikTok dance and every new annoying meme; the music industry is evolving at an even more alarming rate and is churning out music so fast that before long it may become impossible to keep up with the record labels’ new demand for new music and they may finally start unveiling those secret robot supergroups that have been in development in top secret US research facilities for a while now. They can freestyle a hit record in one take like Heavy D with a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and belt out high notes fiercer than an unsuspecting newly over 40 year old straight male that just had his cherry popped during a routine check-up that led to a prostate exam for absolutely no reason. What? You haven’t heard? You don’t say. You didn’t hear it here okay? Moving on… Trevor is evolving just as fast and has especially shown tremendous growth over the past couple of years. “Friday Night” followed just over a month after his critically acclaimed 2022 album “These Are My Memories”, but we’ll talk about the new album later. Critics and fans alike are predicting that the record could be a really big summer 2022 hit; and with so many exciting projects making waves all at the same time, it’s safe to say that 2022 will be a pretty significant year in the talented, prolific young Iron Mountain native’s music career

Tyler Noel live on IGTV



06-04-2022 08:45 GMT


Indie Music Press Releases (April 2022) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming R&B artists, bands & labels with news updates announcing the latest music releases, live events/gigs, concert/tour dates, & other entertainment stories, articles & headlines from your favorite indie R&B performers & entertainers daily on SRL News.
Music industry update | Georgia, USA | Indie artist, Tyler Noel

Do you sometimes kind of sort of hate everything? 

Don’t lie, I’m serious. I mean, don’t you sometimes think about some of the crazy stuff happening in the world and think to yourself: “these MFs must have really totally lost it”? And by "these MFs" you mean EVERYBODY in the whole damn world. 

I hate talking about politics and I hate people that do it too overzealously – if they know so much about politics and they’re clearly not politicians then we should first address the elephant in the room - that they obviously made the wrong career choices, he-he-he. If they know so much about politics then obviously they should be politicians shouldn’t they? 

Every time I turn on the news and see yet another video of that president Skillachi (😊 or whatever his name is, I’m terrible with names) begging the US and the UK, and other NATO countries to start World War III; my blood boils furiously. I’m empathetic and sympathetic about the whole issue but I’m one of those people that always insists on people handling their own beefs – I don’t give a damn who started it or who is ending it using unscrupulous methods, that’s your business. And for the love of God, could somebody please explain to me why in God’s name a country that has had such a formidable adversary on their ass for so long would elect an entertainer to lead them? That's what has really had me scratching my head. Nevertheless, I wish them well. 

Moving on ...

We’ve all been through so much over the past couple of years, and sadly a lot of us, whether it shows or not, have taken psychological blows. It’s important to be sympathetic to the plight of everyone around because you never know if something you say would be the straw that breaks the camel's hump, and send them straight to the nut house, OR to their basement to make a bomb. 

Music is one of those things that always has a place in any human life during difficult times but sadly the mainstream seems to be becoming less diverse by the day. It’s difficult to listen to songs about fantasy love, red bottom shoes, kissing your BFF and liking it, whatever Simon is saying, make up, hair and nails, Maybachs, helicopters, cocaine and all those exciting things that seem so important to kids and young adults today in the middle of a pandemic and a looming world war. But luck is on your side - you’ve discovered independent music and the best place to find it so you are safe, nothing can get you down during these difficult times. 

If you don’t know about Tyler Noel then let me tell you a little bit about her. Hailing from Atlanta, USA, she has made a name for herself as one of the Southeast’s most exciting new R&B artists and has a powerful voice that is guaranteed to set even the most troubled mind free. Her unique songwriting style and ability to write in a very broad variety of contexts has seen to it that her name is cemented in the minds of any and everyone who has ever had the pleasure of listening; a pleasure you are about to have right now, and that you will probably never forget. 

This week, fans got the rare opportunity to see the exciting independent Atlanta star perform live for the first time since lockdowns started back in 2019. During the short but impactful live performance, she reminded fans why they fell in love with her and why they’d missed her so much. Only a snippet of the full performance has been released so far but we'll publish the full video once it becomes available.  
[Watch video below]

What you see is what you get



06-04-2022 01:18 GMT


Indie Music Press Releases (April 2022) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Pop artists, bands & labels with news updates announcing the latest music releases, live events/gigs, concert/tour dates, & other entertainment stories, articles & headlines from your favorite indie Pop performers & entertainers daily on SRL News.
Music industry update | Michigan, USA | Indie artist, Trevor Ohlsen

Exactly two years ago today, the UK was preparing to go into full lockdown on the 24th of March, 2019. It was one of the most dreadsome days I can remember, I was scared as a puppy – everyone was. Okay it wasn't exactly two years ago today, but it was, when I wrote this article. Forget about why it's being delivered so late and all whatnot okay, just deal with it. Okay ("sigh!"), since you insist, I'll tell you why. I discovered I've been totally stressing for a really long time now and had my panties in a bunch for so long it started looking like that big ass thong looking thingy Jesus wears on the cross, metaphorically speaking. So I decided to do something about it and I did. You want to know what I did don't you? Well, here it goes - I stopped stressing. That's why it's late okay, so sue me. Now where where we, before I was rudely interrupted. 

Ah yes..

The beginning of lockdown. I remember it like yesterday. I was doing exactly what I’m doing right now in the same exact way I was doing it then. I had just had enough wine to keep me from despairing and watched just enough television to keep me from reaching for Anderson Cooper’s neck and forcing him to spill what he’d heard about the new enemy that was killing everybody, that he wasn’t telling us. I had bought so much toilet paper on multiple trips to various stores supplemented by online shopping deliveries that I started to get really nervous when word started to emerge about shortages and people panic buying and hording. What was I to do if the police started going from house to house and checking people’s cupboards to find out who was doing it? I would have been in big trouble, phew! I know it seems unreasonable that I even thought that, but those were unprecedented times – no one knew what was coming. Looking back now I’ve got to admit I think I might have kind of sort of lost it a little bit. Who didn’t right?

It’s 4 AM and I’m on my first cup of coffee and my second liter of water for the new day that has just started, but the day can’t begin until the last one ends right? Wrong! It will NEVER end! Well at least that’s what I tell myself every night but I rarely ever make it to the 24th hour and instead wake up with my head on the keyboard and a whole bunch of stuff on the screen that I didn’t mean to write but I had been secretly thinking. Hardly any of it gets published because I’m a deep thinker and I feel the world is not ready for it. But never say never right? If you are lucky you just might get a taste of my filthy filthy disgusting mind. I’ve changed a lot since the pandemic forced me to be alone with myself for so long I felt like I had overstayed my own welcome – can you believe that sh*t? He-he-he. Knowing everyone else was going through the same thing was what kept me from totally losing it – that, and white wine.

Don’t worry; this is going somewhere, I promise. I sensed you getting a little impatient and confused there, wondering if these words have a destination. Yes they do, and we’ll get there in due course. I loosened the metaphorical collar in my mind during those difficult times – I no longer metaphorically button my shirt all the way up to the top in my head and I’m now pretty chilled. I used to be Anderson Cooper, now I’m that really hot chick that was hanging out with Charlamagne the… what’s his face? I’ll never say his full name, I don’t think he’s awesome enough to call himself that – am I missing something? Maybe he’s got God’s penis? Or what? He-he-he. Just kidding Mr. Charlamagne, I’m sure you’re awesome somehow.

This is where we segue into the main point of the article to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes. Let's not talk about Charlamagne's penis and move on.

Psst! Psst! ("Whispering") I heard it's so small it's like giving Adele Givens a tic tac. Sh!! You didn't hear it from me okay?

Just kidding obviously, moving on...

Many artists suffered severe career blows financially during the pandemic and took to online fan supported platforms to raise money. The independent music community quickly discovered that platforms like Patreon weren’t just a way to supplement their incomes but were also an exciting new way to reward fans for their loyalty and support, and a lot of attitudes towards these sorts of resources quickly changed.

Trevor Ohlsen has been busy with his new podcast throughout the pandemic. “The Trevor Ohlsen Show” is a twice weekly comedy podcast that launched back in the summer of 2020 and reached its 111th episode on the 16th of March. Through the course of the show, the Iron Mountain, Michigan singer songwriter and producer has explored a broad variety of subject matters from relationships to fashion, holidays, life, teeth whitening, body issues and even car repairs. I know what you’re thinking – that’s pretty broad right? And you’re are right. The show has quickly gained popularity and is opening a lot of doors for the fast rising pop star. This week he announced that he had finally joined Patreon as long requested by many fans who would like to support his endeavors. He also released a video to explain what fans will get in return for their support . 
[Find Patreon link and video below] 

Megan McDuffee's music production tips



31-03-2022 01:22 GMT


Indie Music Press Releases (March 2022) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Synthpop artists, bands & labels with news updates announcing the latest music releases, live events/gigs, concert/tour dates, & other entertainment stories, articles & headlines from your favorite indie Synthpop performers & entertainers daily on SRL News.
Music industry update | California, USA | Indie artist, Megan Mcduffee

With all that’s going on in the world today, people are finding different ways to get by and trying their hands at a whole lot of new stuff. Sometimes it’s stuff they wouldn’t have ordinarily even been remotely interested in and other times it’s stuff they just hadn’t got around to trying owing to the severe lack of time in this new busy busy world we live in today when if you blink for a second you could miss an apple fall on your head and your chance to be the next Isaac Newton, he-he-he. 

I too did a lot of stuff that was out of the ordinary during the pandemic and am in fact still doing them. To be honest, the pandemic changed my whole lifestyle in ways I never thought possible. I did a whole bunch of reading, and I hate reading. I hate anything to do with books. I hate books so much I still have recurring nightmares about late homework and studying for exams back in high school - I NEVER make the homework deadline and I NEVER pass, then I wake up with my heart pounding.   Sometimes I think it’s a sign but I don’t think any further than that. It’s so scary. 

I've also been doing squats every single day since lockdown started. I figured I've been an advocate, connoisseur and absolute nut for firm butts with a certain je ne sais quoi for my entire adult life, why not get one myself, so I can look back at it in the mirror and make duck faces like Kim Kardashian. Right now my cheeks are so firm that even Moses couldn't part them 😂. That's not an invitation for you to touch them if we meet, I'm just telling you how much progress I've made. 

Well, now that it’s out there and you know what I spent a lot of time doing during lockdown; what have you been doing? I’m sure you’ve been making the most of the new found time at home but if you haven’t there is still time. Tweet me @skunkradiolive

Oh by the way, did you know that that infamous apple that led to the discovery of gravity never actually dropped on Newton’s head? Nope! Did you actually think he was sitting 90 degrees underneath an apple tree reading a book and an apple dropped right on his head and the first thing he thought was “ding! aha!”.  Everyone knows that sort of thing could only happen if you were sitting 90 degrees underneath a palm tree smoking a fat zoot with a cold beer on a hot summer day, not reading. Plus, don’t you think it would have hurt too much? But anyway, now you know. He observed it fall from a tree, it didn’t fall on his head. I learned that during lockdown too. I also learned that the phrase “Survival of the Fittest” doesn’t actually mean survival of the most physically fit but rather survival of the most fit to survive at the time. And there I was hitting the gym every day for years, what a sucker. I know better now 😊. 

One thing more and more people have been doing nowadays is getting into the art of making music. There is so much music production software out there, and the equipment is so accessible and a lot more cheaper now that everyone is quickly discovering that we human beings all have music deep inside us, if we can only find it.

This week, video game composer and synthpop artist Megan McDuffee released an exciting video with some tips on how to make a great score. Whether you’ve recently started making music, you’ve been doing it for a while or you don’t know where to start; or even if you have no intention of ever taking your God-given musical talents any further than singing in the shower and the occasional hum in a desperate bid to disguise what you are doing in the toilet after a really spicy dinner when you’ve got company and they think you are classy so you are playing music so soft you could hear a pin drop in the background, and what you’re dropping is way bigger than pins; the video could give you some exciting insights into the life of a really exciting music composer and the music industry in general. Check out the video in the player below. Be sure to follow Megan on social media and check back here regularly for more exciting videos like this with creative and/or business related music industry tips, she’s so awesome. 

Tonight, it's all you



28-03-2022 01:34 GMT


Indie Music Press Releases (March 2022) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Pop artists, bands & labels with news updates announcing the latest music releases, live events/gigs, concert/tour dates, & other entertainment stories, articles & headlines from your favorite indie Pop performers & entertainers daily on SRL News.
Music industry update | Michigan, USA | Indie artist, Trevor Ohlsen

Mondays are such rough days (oops! I almost typed ruff 😊, the internet has got my English all messed up). But yeah, after being naughty all weekend, right up until Sunday night when you still can’t find your socks; you have to head over to the office and pretend you’re the real you and that what people are looking at is not what’s left of the diamond glove, jacket with too many zips wearing Michael Jackson you spent the whole weekend being. Yes, you spend the whole week working hard, it’s okay to totally let go and just be somebody else for 3 days before you put your Lady Diana hat back on at the start of the working week and make the professional world believe you’ve never farted your entire life and God has you on speed dial for when things go wrong in Heaven (he-he-he). It’s so weird because even your boss has eyes that look so heavy you’d have to check them in at the airport and you know it’s not because he/she was working late on Sunday night; well, most of the time at least. Every adult knows the difference between those staying up late at night working eyes and those “I’m starting to get really tipsy, pass me a molly” eyes.

But let's get right down to the reason we are both here, this new song that I’m about to tell you about right now. This track was actually released back in 2021 while we were all locked up in our houses hoping our friends and family didn’t visit. Yes, that’s right I said it. As hard as it is for anyone to admit, the media had the world so messed up mentally that some of us wouldn’t even open the door for our own mothers if they needed to borrow some toilet paper, or some money, or brought a batch of freshly baked brownies even. I’m not saying me, I’m just saying – you know who you are. I know you probably wouldn’t have done it in practise but you know you were thinking it right? No one’s judging you here, I blame CNN and that Sanjay Koothrappali or whatever his name is (don’t worry, it’s good that I don’t remember his real name, so I don’t get sued if he gets mad); and all those scientists that all showed their glorious asses on national and international television. Do you realise that all this while you’ve been going to work and pretending to know everything, whether you knew or didn’t; there were people out there who could go to work and tell their bosses that they knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears every time I turned on the news and this Koothrappali guy and all those so-called top scientists who could probably tell you everything that is happening on the moon and on mars right now; could get up in a press conference in front of the world and tell the WHOLE world that they don’t know a damn thing. WTF! And that’s not even the bad part, the bad part was that everyone seemed to have been totally fine with it. It makes you wonder who else is out there running the world that doesn’t even know a thing doesn’t it? I mean, the next time I go to the bank with my mask and gloves on for example; should I just tell the cashier my finger is a loaded pistol and that the red panic button under her counter is just a really hard nipple that won’t do anything? Why not? Maybe she wouldn’t know and I could make away with a couple of million in my socks, he-he-he. I’m just saying! Nobody else in the world could get away with going to work and saying they don’t know something and not at least raise an eyebrow or two.

Oh snap, we’ve diverted so far from the main subject of this article haven’t we? My bad, as the African Americans would say 😊. The reason I was talking about that Gupta guy was because I’d been watching him on TV for so long and he made me so uncomfortable until one day I was having a glass of white wine and it dawned on me – this dude always looks like he needs to make poopoo, that’s why. He made me too feel like I needed to do the same thing but I didn’t know – that’s why he made me feel uncomfortable. Either that or he knows something he’s hoping won’t spill out by mistake and he’s metaphorically sh*tting his pants on national television. You’re not going to believe this; autocorrect just flagged me for spelling “sh*tting” with only one “t”, I didn’t even know that was a real word (he-he-he).

But anyway, back to this track.

If you haven’t heard about Michigan’s rising pop sensation Trevor Ohlsen then you are about to discover something so amazing you’ll feel like you did when you discovered your first pube. Yep! I know what you’re thinking, that’s a whole lot of feel-good, it’s impossible. But I promise you, you will. Trevor made himself known locally a few years back with the release of exciting records that didn’t just speak to the soul but took pop music back to a place that was pure both sonically and intellectually. To cut a long story short, he made music that would make teenage girls double dutch rapidly on their tippy toes while screaming frantically and crying like back in the day when they saw Michael Jackson in the flesh for a few seconds before passing out from all the excitement – that kind of music. It only got better with time. The track I speak of, like many indie tracks released over the past couple of years, didn’t get as much publicity as it deserved but something magical happened back in February when it started to go viral and the buzz has been growing exponentially ever since. Originally released on the 30th of April, 2021, “Tonight It’s All You” is available to stream and download on Apple Music, Spotify and all popular digital music streaming and download platforms. And yes, you can listen to it here first. Just scroll down and hit play.

Let's not get sensitive this evening



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Music industry update | Mississippi, USA | Indie artist, Coolidge

When did the world become so sensitive? 

Only a few years back when it became acceptable to show thongs on television because MTV, the biggest music network at the time was doing it; after years of refusing to play Uncle Luke and the 2 Live Crew for doing the same sh*t; I thought people had loosened up a little bit and come to terms with the fact that just because nobody knew what anybody else was thinking didn’t mean anybody else wasn’t thinking about it. We all love to see a string running down the crack of a good pair of buttocks every now and again to calm us down, and you know it. Even your girlfriend loves it – it’s awesome, deal with it! 

When I got hired to write for SRL, I was told my writing was edgy and unhinged; and that they loved my honesty – they didn’t even know I was holding back. During the interview, I was asked what the most controversial thing I had ever written was. I told them. Even though it shocked the hell out of everybody and they were absolutely annoyed and disgusted at what I had said, they absolutely loved it. I don’t think I can repeat it to you now, with the current state of the world and how everyone’s acting so self-righteous and dignified, like they don’t eat ass.  Oops!! Did I just really say that? Heck yeah! And I’ll do it again. Okay maybe I’ll tell you at the end of this really long article, I don’t want to scare you off before you read this amazing news story I’m about to present to you.

But why am I thinking back to my SRL job interview after so many years, you may ask? Well, I just logged onto Instagram and saw a picture of Twinky Cent with his arm around the shoulder of a fine gentleman wearing a blazer with nothing underneath and his chest looking really exciting, if I may say so. 50 had a really cute smile on his face, you know the one where you smile on only one side of your mouth like something cheeky is about to happen. The caption read: “Putting something together”. I was disgusted! Yuk! And I know they are probably just working on some new business venture together or whatever these rappers are doing with themselves nowadays that is making them grin so much; but I was very compelled to write a comment that would have been sure to get SRL’s Instagram account blocked for a very long time in these very sensitive times. Can you guess what I would have written? Well of course you can’t, you don’t have a sick and exciting comedic mind like mine. I was compelled to reply: “I hope it’s not a cream pie”. 🤣. I chuckled for minutes before finally having the will power to not hit the send button and piss 50 off one more time. Yep, I’ve done it before, back when I thought social media was a place where you just have fun and get on with your day, without having to go home and cock all your pistols and keep one behind the toilet, in case they try to shoot you while you’re sh*tting (in the words of the late great Notorious BIG). Of course I’m joking 😊… I’d never keep a loaded pistol in the bathroom, that’s so dangerous. 

But where were we? Ah yes, I was about dish out some exciting news about one of the most exciting southern US rappers in the underground hip hop game right now, Drevo Coolidge.

The pandemic had us all locked away like prisoners in our own homes and work places, but amidst all the terrible things that were happening over the past couple of years and are still happening; intelligent minds all over the world were doubling down and using the time away from friends, family, colleagues and annoying people to do amazing things. Having excelled completely independently on Mississippi’s underground music scene for over a decade and amassing a repertoire of music that would be worth tens of millions in the mainstream, there is no doubt that Coolidge is one of those intelligent minds, and after a series of exciting critically acclaimed records that left critics with nothing to critique throughout the pandemic; he has returned again with a record that has all the making of a summer hit. The new song, “Pose to Be in Love” premiered as a music video on YouTube on the 16th of February and is now widely available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and all popular digital music streaming and download platforms. If you can’t wait to hear what all the hype is all about, it’s your lucky day. You can watch the video right here right now by scrolling down to the player below. But you knew that already didn’t you? That’s why you come here. We bring hot new music to your fingertips without the bullsh*t and without telling you to go places to search for it and waste your hard earned mobile data and your precious time like other crappy music sites with all their Google ads and dating site pop ups all over each page, trying to get you to do other stuff and distract you when all you’re trying to do is find some good music.

Oh wait, before I forget. Did you still want to hear about what I said at my interview that got me this job over ten years ago? Believe me when I say, you’re not ready for it. If I tell you this, I guarantee it will hit you so hard that you’ll rant about it on social media for the foreseeable future and try to get me fired so bad that I’ll probably have to go home and cock all my pistols and keep one behind the toilet as well… Oops! I forgot, that’s dangerous right? But since you insist, remember you brought this on yourself. It’s one sentence and I’m not going to explain it or try to justify why that sort of thing would come out of my mouth or into my mind; if I believe it; or if in fact I was just joking. I’ll just say it and end the article abruptly; like Ronald Plump used to do at press conferences when things got heated and just walk the f’ off. Here it goes, don’t judge me okay? And remember, these words are coming out of the depths of an overzealous creative mind that is just as unhinged as it is curious, there is no philosophy involved here. No one is judging anyone here, it's just comedy, okay? So here it goes. Okay wait, wait, wait. Let me first explain what led up me saying this – to cut a long story short, sometime during the interview I was asked if I believed in God and the question pissed me the f’ off after looking around and realizing I was surrounded by a bunch of crucifixes on every wall around me. I’m Catholic so I had nothing against it but the question made me feel like I was being judged so I decided I was going to piss the interviewers off as well before I left so that we were even, you know, to restore the balance in the universe. Anyway, when I was asked what the most outrageous and most controversial thing I had ever written was, I looked around at all the crucifixes and I said: “Do you think Jesus looked like Gabriel?”.

Have a good day…

“Door slam” 

“Footsteps fading into the distance down a long echoey corridor fast” 

“Car screeching” 


Patiently Waiting



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Music industry update | Michigan, USA | Indie artist, Wiz Kid The Weirdo

Wiz Kid The Weirdo is a rapper that never disappoints, according to many critics. He doesn’t release music every day, and consequently every single record is approached and delivered with the utmost precision and excellence. Each has meaning, not just to the artist but to the fan as well. It’s becoming rarer and rarer to find artists with such essential qualities nowadays because the music industry has become so cluttered. At some point it was rumored that major record labels were signing over 50 artists a month. Take into account the more than 10 million independent artists, bands and small labels, DJs, songwriters, producers and instrumentalists releasing their own songs without a label, directly from their bedrooms sometimes, or even the loo, on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube every single day and you have nothing short of a war zone - hopefully not waiting to or bound to explode. Some say it’s impossible for less to be more in such a scenario but somehow the exceptionally talented lowkey Michigan sensation manages to make an impression with his records every single time and each time he reaches more ears and bigger ears than the last. His new single “Patiently Waiting” was released on the 28th of January, a couple of weeks after it went live for pre-order and pre-save on Spotify and Apple Music. It is available to stream and download on all major music platforms, as well as selected indie music streaming platforms