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Music News: Tethered | The Indie Music Press Release Board | Saachi Sen - New Music (Pop)


02-09-2018 18:51 GMT


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Having dropped off the radar in terms of music releases for a while, London's best kept secret, Saachi Sen has resurfaced sounding bigger and better than ever with a series of back-to-back music releases over the past couple of months and she has been turning a lot of ears and getting pop fans really excited especially with her last two singles "What Are Friends For" and "I Need Love". She has been closely watched since the start of her career back in 2012 when she was just leaving school and she has played some of the most prestigious live music venues in London. Just a couple of weeks after the release of "What Are Friends For", Saachi is back with another new song which is already getting a lot of attention from fans, and getting industry insiders, DJs and reviewers very excited. "Tethered", the new single was released on the 20th of August and is available on iTunes, Spotify and all top digital music platforms as well as free music promotion platforms like Soundcloud where it can be streamed for free.

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