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28-03-2023 14:12 GMT


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Music industry update | Arizona, USA | Indie artist, Marco Richh

I think I might have just gotten fired, I’m not sure but something really awkward just happened and it ended with a really awkward silence and me slowly backing away from the conversion while making eye contact and then slowly closing the door. So just in case, I’m writing my letter of resignation in case someone tries to fire me – that way I can resign before they get a chance to taint my outstanding resume. 

How does this sound? 

Dear News Room Team, 

F*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you. You ass holes! You bastards have got some nerve. I hope the espresso machine breaks down and you have to drink Starbucks for weeks. I should have shitted in your coffees the first time you called me a nerd and laughed at my big glasses and cheap work shoes when I was just an intern - and I worked in McDonald’s for 3 good years, so you know I’m really good at that. I’ll stir it up real nice and add extra cream - you’ll never know. Now, I am hereby handing you my two weeks’ notice, it will arrive in 3 minutes. Skeet Skeet Skeet m*ther f*ckers. That’s how I sealed the envelope, which you’ve now unsealed. Sticky wasn't it? 

PS: I’ve totally messed with all your browser histories and you’ll never be able to clear them. Not even the overzealous tech guys will be able to help you. Just don’t try to show anyone your Google ANALytics data on your computers from now on. You’ll have a healthy selection of really creepy butt hole related suggestions in the address bar once you are half way through typing the address. I’m sure you are wondering why I just totally gave it away. It’s because there’s more. You’ll all need new browsers, say goodbye to ShittyFox, or FireFuck, or whatever you call that good for nothing slow piece of crap that needs an update every two days. I’m also changing all your passwords and cutting holes in the mouth and crotch of all your life-sized Miley Cyrus cardboard cut-outs and posters. Why the f*ck do you have so many anyway? You're obsessed!  


Yours sincerely, 
Smell My

How’s that? What do you think? 

Is it too harsh? Or does it need more RAGE!! I’ve got more, trust me – I’ll be really furious if I get fired, I just bought a brand new Ferrari. Okay I didn't, it's a rental with New Car Scent air freshener. Plus I’ve been nothing but awesome, AWESOME you hear? In fact the other day I saw someone trying to drive home after one of our crazy Monday night office parties and I totally took her back to my place so she wouldn’t drive drunk. See how nice I am? There are so many other examples. 

And I’m sure you would like to know why I think I’m getting fired right? I’ll tell you. 

My boss called me into her office early this morning. I was having an awesome day, just minding my own business. She asked me to sit, that she needed help with something really important. She couldn’t figure out whether to pay the mortgage on her holiday house or her holiday apartment. The first thing I thought when that information met my ears was “I’m asking for a pay rise IMMEDIATELY”. I can’t even pay my own rent sometimes, and this b*tch’s got TWO holiday homes?!!! I’ve never even been on holiday!! I was FURIOUS! But then I said: “Well why don’t you just get rid of the apartment and keep the house if you can’t afford them both? Why do you need 2 holiday homes anyway?” 

She screamed back: “It’s in case I need a f* holiday while I’m on holiday you f* idiot, I do more work on holiday than you’ll ever do your entire life!!”. “And, and what do you mean get rid of it? It’s an investment – do you know how much I’m gonna sell it for in a few years? Of course you don’t, you know nothing about the real world, you probably pay ALL your bills on time and then invest what's left don’t you? Sissy boy!!”. "Wait, do you even invest? Have you EVER invested? Why am I talking to you? Jesus Christ, I'm surrounded by morons! MORONS!" And then she laughed, but in a really sinister way, as if I wasn't even there anymore, and she went back to what she was writing before I came in. As she laughed I responded in a really soft voice, I was getting scared: “Em, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? Pay your bills first?”. And she responded in disgust, she couldn't believe I was serious and I could tell she had concluded that she had wasted so much time talking to an idiot. “OMG!”, “You’re absolutely insane aren’t you?”, “Next thing I know you’ll be telling me to pay my bills monthly by Direct Debit, so people can take money out of my pockets without asking”. When she noticed me about to nod in agreement, she got steamed. She pointed her finger at the door with an expressionless face to let me know she was beyond mad at me. “Get out… GET OUT!! And don’t ever come back here”. It was so awkward, I’ve never been kicked out of anywhere before. To be honest I was more than a little bit scared at that point, so I got up and started to leave really fast, but continued to make eye contact, then I slowed down when I reached the door and started to feel safer. I haven’t seen her all day but I know it’s going to be really uncomfortable. At least I’ve got my resignation letter ready just in case. Please write in the comments section to let me know if it’s good or what I should change. 

Okay let’s get right down to the music news story of the day – this may be my last day here at the SRL News room so I’ll make this brief and then I’ll go and start doing those things I said I had already done in the resignation letter. 

He's the most exciting and most talented new R&B music producer and songwriter to emerge from Arizona, USA this decade, and Marco Richh, who is just as talented behind the scenes as he is on stage is a fast-rising artist whose hits have been praised by some of the most discerning R&B music critics and fans in the world. With hit singles like "Strokin", "High School Lover" and "Have Your Heart", he sang his way into the hearts of local fans and put his name on the map as one of the Southwest region's next big names in R&B when he made his debut a few years back. More recently, with hit singles like "Party", and "Pink Room" his latest, he has made it clear that he's beyond ready for the big stage. This week, he sat down with host CeCe of the popular indie magazine Where It Begins and discussed his career so far, upcoming projects and future plans. The interview is available to stream and download on Spotify, Anchor.fm, Apple Music, YouTube and selected major podcast streaming platforms, as well as selected outlets for independent music. But don't go anywhere, the full interview is available to stream in the Spotify music player below for your convenience.

I feel like I should tell you a little more about Marco to make sure you never forget, and you watch closely as he rises to the top one high note at a time, like you hardly see on MTV anymore. Oh wait, did I mention that this awesome, amazing singer actually, well, SINGS? Well, now you know. 

Okay here's Marco's Soundcloud bio so you don't have to go anywhere to find out more: Learn it, and love it! Also, you'll find a link to his Skunk Radio Live profile at the end of this article. 

"Marco Richh is professionally and formally known as Reggie B and Sanger Boy. Since the susceptible age of five years old, music has been Marco's passion. Beginning with playing a Fisher Price piano at age six, his father saw his raw talent and quickly signed him up for music lessons. Marco would eventually learn how to play the guitar, saxophone and the drums. The beginning of his musical ingenuity began here. During junior high school, Marco would be the first to finish his class assignments; with the reward of performing for his classmates. His teachers would brag about the rising star. After creating some buzz, they started book him to perform in other classrooms. Shortly after his junior high school success, at 15 years old Marco Richh was given a taste of the limelight. He performed for a local radio station in Columbus, Georgia. Foxy 105 Jamz Talent Showcase would be the first of many stages that Marco Richh would light up. His musical background and edification now spans over 19 years. Since the start of Marco's international professional musical career in 2006, he has been featured on BET, Rowdy TV (Dallas Austin’s Profile Website), and Nappy Boy Online. In January of 2010, he performed at the City of Miami Gardens (Florida) 6th Annual Martin Luther King Festival for over five thousand fans. He was 1st place winner in the Foxie 105 Hip Hop Summit. With musical influences such as Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald, and Ryan Leslie, Marco Richh is evolving into a rock star in his own right. Marco’s originality, vocal dynamics and creativity reflect those of his musical influences. Catering to the broken hearted with soulful tracks that inspire and music that will make anyone have a feel-good time is how Marco Richh aims to climb to number one on the Billboard Charts. Marco is currently working on his debut album. His desire is to work with chart-topping artists such as T-Pain (Nappy Boy), Ryan Leslie, Kayne West, Lil Wayne, Common, Keri Hilson and Pink. Marco is a bursting ball of energy ready to rock the world. Don’t let the opportunity of his presence pass you by. The Marco Richh experience will leave you captivated, mesmerized and wanting more. "
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