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Born again (Jesus really wanted you to see this)



19-04-2023 23:25 GMT


Indie Music Press Releases (April 2023) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Hip Hop artists, bands & labels with news updates announcing the latest music releases, live events/gigs, concert/tour dates, & other entertainment stories, articles & headlines from your favorite indie Hip Hop performers & entertainers daily on SRL News.
Music industry update | Mississippi, USA | Indie artist, Coolidge

I’ve never listened to music on Spotify – but I’ve got premium. Why do I have it then, you may ask? To be honest, I don’t know. Just in case, I guess. But in case what? I don’t know okay? I just have it. I listen to music on cassette or CD like a normal human being. I need something physical so I can show my appreciation or dissatisfaction physically like everything else that is real in the world. For example, if it's good I may rewind it and play it again, or if it's bad I may hit the stop button really hard, or even crush the CD or cassette with my bare hands. Or if it's really bad I may sh*t on it and send it back to the record label it came from; the options are so many. With Spotify there are not many options, not even a stop button or a dislike button. Ridiculous! I don't like that at all. 

Let's move on...

When I love someone or they’ve been really helpful, I pull them really close and plant a big wet one on them. By wet I mean I’ve always got a Chapstick and my lips are always really moist and soft - but I'm not gay, I promise. When people offend me I do exactly the same thing, but with no Chapstick. I’m not allowed to get angry or displeased anymore, that’s so immature. But allowed by who? 

Think about it for a second…

Think deeper…

Really think about what I’m saying to you, I want to make sure we’re on the same page before we get into this music news story today. 

Oh I forgot to introduce myself first. Oh wait, I can’t. We’re not allowed to use our names or pen names in here anymore. I call my pen something really dirty so you’re actually lucky I don’t have to tell you what it is. It rhymes with pot hole 😀. I gave it that name because people always told me I was sh*t when I first started writing and I never wanted to forget so that I would never stop trying to be awesome. I'm pretty awesome now. If you can't tell right now you will by the end of this exciting music news article we're about to get into. 

Since we can’t use our names in the writers room, we identify ourselves by describing each others' writing styles or what we mostly write about. If you’ve been here before you probably already know that. If you haven’t been here before, buckle the f* up. This is nothing like any of the fancy music blogs, online music magazines, or music news websites you’ve ever been to and it probably never will because unlike those nasty music junk yards promoting trash music and talking shite, we’re really awesome here and we don’t GAF.  Anyway, I’m the “Ideas Guy”. If you’ve been here before then you probably remember me from my last article when we attempted to create a brain cell. If you were unsuccessful on your first try don’t be ashamed, it takes practice. It’s really hard, in fact some people go their whole lives without ever mastering the art or even realising it exists. Read the previous article here. It opens in a new window so you can bookmark it and come back here if you don’t want to read it now.

Now, I’m never going to ever give you homework but it’s my job to reduce the ever-growing number of shallow thinkers in this new amazing TikTok world we live in today. I’ve got nothing against TikTok but I’ll never use it. Let’s move on quick, I’m feeling yukky already just talking about it – that sh*t gives me the heebie-jeebies. I've never seen so many people not in the same place giggling at the same time, so scary. 

There’s a new guy in the office, he’s called the “Imagination Guy”. He’s going to help me with today's task. While my job is to stimulate your brain and enlighten your mind, his job is to stimulate your imagination. Wait, you know your brain and your mind are two intertwined but very separate things right? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt - you knew, you’re awesome, let's move on. We may talk about it later but not today. I work closely with the “Imagination Guy” because our jobs are very closely related, but I don’t think he's like me at all. In fact he's nothing like me and you'd never find us hanging out together. Remember I said earlier that I couldn’t hate anymore? Well, I totally don’t hate him. I think he might be a little gay, his jeans are too tight, he swings his buttocks too wide when he walks, smiles too much, uses the word "amazing" too often, eats too many lollipops, wears way too many low neck t-shirts even in the winter, says my name in a really annoying way, smacks his lips and kisses his teeth too much when he talks, wears too much cologne, has too many tattoos, giggles too much, is always WAY too happy, types too slowly and glamorously - like he’s sending a letter to Paris Hilton and the keyboard is really sticky or he's just had his nails done, plays with his luxurious hair too frequently, and twirls his chewing gum WAY too much; but all in all I think he’s a pretty decent guy and I’ve got nothing but love for him – and yes, I show it with a kiss too every time I see him. He totally hates that. So here he is now to tell you about the imagination part of today's task, and then once he’s done I’ll come back to you.

This is a collaborative, cloud-based writing room so he’s going to start typing soon – hopefully he hasn’t just got his nails done and he’ll be quick, he-he-he. Okay here he comes, see you soon. 

Hey you guys, how’s everything going? Hope you’re having an awesome day, if you aren’t you will be after this little exercise. 

As the "Ideas Guy" just told you, I’m the “Imagination Guy”, and we’re going to, well, imagine some things right now to stimulate your imagination in preparation for the task he has for you today. And by the way, none of what he said about me is true – I’m not gay at all, I’ve never twirled chewing gum and I don’t smack my lips together like I’m eating something really sweet but sour when I talk; I think it’s all in his imagination. Did you know the imagination sometimes does that? Paint a picture of your surroundings based on how you feel and your convictions about the people and the world around you? What? You didn’t know? Haven’t you ever had too much to drink and then everyone around you started to look really sexy? Yep, that’s your imagination at work, in conjunction with other parts of your mind as well, but playing a pretty significant part. I think the "Ideas Guy" saw me wearing ripped skinny jeans one time back in summer and totally created a picture of me that he now sees every time he sees me, without even knowing it. I had ordered those jeans online and didn't know they were that tight. And I only wore them to work because it was laundry day and I had nothing else to wear. I've never worn them again. Hopefully by the end of this short exercise he will be able to see the real me, and you too will learn to see the world around you exactly as it is whenever you choose to. Don’t worry, seeing it only the way you want to see it is fine too, in fact it’s just as important, but you must understand that there is a difference between what you are looking at and what you see. 

The “Ideas Guy” is a total nerd. His inappropriate use of emojis and internet acronyms makes me so furious sometimes but I totally understand what he’s trying to say most of the time because I speak fluent Internet. His glasses are also too big and when he is pleased he gives an actual real world thumbs up and holds it up for way too long - so uncool. He sent me a string of emojis when I said we were about to start the exercise. I think he was trying to say he was pleased. This is what he sent:
“👌🙏“. In his nerd world he probably thought he was telling me "perfect, thank you" but what he was really saying was "anal sex please". I know, what a nerd right? Disgusting! 

Okay so let’s start. Now most people will not understand the purpose of this exercise and I’m not going to explain it because that’s what the "Ideas Guy" asked me to do. So sorry. Here it goes.

Close your eyes. Take one deep breath and keep breathing in. Don’t stop… keep going (I hope you’re not a smoker, he-he-he)… keep going, keep breathing in, don’t stop until you can’t inhale any further. Now just keep the air in there and let it circulate in your brain and in your body. Once you feel like you need more oxygen you can breathe out - but not fast, really slowly. Now, when you feel like you’ve finished exhaling, don’t stop. Keep pushing the air out... keep going... keep going. Don’t stop until you feel like you can’t push any further. Now release and breathe normally. Don’t open your eyes yet. This will take as many seconds, minutes or hours as you want it to take, and if you do it right you’ll never be the same again – in a good way, I promise.

Imagine you’re on a battlefield. It’s vast, massive. The ground is very level. There are bullets flying EVERYWHERE. It’s completely dark. Everywhere is absolutely silent, like when you’re watching porn. There are soldiers and tanks EVERYWHERE but you can’t see much but the tracer bullets. Now, imagine you are a tree, the only tree on the battlefield – and you can’t move AT ALL (obviously). You can’t block anything, you can’t protect yourself, you can’t turn your head to look behind you, you can’t duck. Now feel and breathe deep, and watch the bullets fly all around you. Remember, I didn’t say anything about getting hit, all I said was you can’t move. Now, hold that thought and make sure you don’t get hit. I know it sounds hard but remember this is all happening in your own imagination – you can NEVER get hit, unless you imagine getting hit. So don’t. Just feel awesome and untouchable even though you can’t move. Sometime during the course of your holding the thought there will be a silent explosion, not a very big one, but you’ll know when it happens - it will feel like magic. Once the magic has happened stay there as long as you like and try to think of another word for infinite. Stop when you’ve chosen one. When you open your eyes take a really deep breath like the one we did at the start but release whenever you like and really get centred. That’s the first half of the exercise complete. 

Here's the final part of the exercise. This part is the good part, I promise. Now close your eyes again. Same scenario. Bullets flying everywhere, you can’t move. You initially thought you were screwed but then I reminded you you couldn’t get hit because it was your own imagination, your own creation and hence all you had to do was not think about getting hit. So far so good right? Now, this is the good part. Remember I said you were a tree right? So in reality you really couldn’t have been seeing any of what was going on, what you had been doing in your imagination while imagining was actually imagining seeing. You were totally being awesome there and you didn’t even know it – you were imagining that you were imagining. I bet you feel really awesome, deep and creative right now don’t you? Well you’re about to get more awesome. Now, remember, you’re are a tree and you can’t see; but imagine you suddenly imagined recognising one of the bullets and thinking you had seen it pass by before. Then you thought to yourself how impossible it was to be able to recognise one out of the hundreds of thousands passing you every second. You remain focused and continue to feel awesome and untouchable. All you’re thinking about is not thinking about getting hit and not letting it even cross your mind. Now maintain that focus for another minute or two. You suddenly see another bullet that you know you've seen before, and then another and another; and then you suddenly realise, it’s the same bullets that have been terrorizing you over and over again. They’ve been missing you and circling back to their origin before returning again, not randomly but in an orderly and almost predictable manner. They’ve been going back to the soldiers that shot them, missing them too and coming back at you again. Something strange then happened. One of the bullets circled back but it never returned to you. You saw something like fireworks when it reached its origin and then it disappeared. What happened there, you thought? And you got a hunch: “that soldier just got hit by his own bullet". That’s strange, you thought to yourself, but you stayed focused. After another minute, you suddenly realise that the massive burl that you thought was just a burl in the middle of your trunk is not actually a burl - it’s an eye, yes, just one eye. Remember, you couldn't see all this while, you were just imagining seeing. So you open it quickly, you’re so excited and relieved to be able to actually see, you’re ecstatic. But what you see is totally different from what you were imagining you were seeing. The soldiers were not actually fighting each other, they weren’t even angry at each other at all. They weren’t even soldiers, and there was no war. You were a luxurious apple tree in the middle of a meadow where little kids were playing with boomerangs and yo-yos on a bright Sunday afternoon. The sky was blue and the breeze was cool. It was beautiful with sun flowers and roses everywhere. It smelt amazing. You then opened your eyes in your imagination to end the second imagination you were imagining. 

This is where you open your eyes in real life. 

That was exciting wasn’t it? 

That’s it! My work here is done. I hope you enjoyed it. Back to the “Ideas Guy”.


Welcome back.

That was pretty deep wasn’t it? Would you like to know what just happened?

Of course you do.

But think about it for a while and try to figure out why there were two scenarios…

Write in the comments section if you figure out what those two scenarios meant before reading on so the whole world knows how smart you are.

I’ll explain it briefly because I know you’re getting impatient. Remember early in the article when the “Imagination Guy” said people see things differently from what they are sometimes? That’s exactly what that was. The first scenario is how at least 50% of teenagers start to see the real world after they turn 18 and realize they can’t just suck their moms’ breasts when they are hungry anymore and they have to actually get jobs and do something meaningful with their lives. They start to see and feel like it’s a battlefield after a few failed job interviews, some bad relationships and real world scenarios in general, which, to the untrained eye may seem very unfair and unnecessarily uneasy - at least not as easy as just latching onto your mom's boobies for milk like the good old days. Sadly, 50% of those 50% may see it like that for longer than others. The other half will open their eyes and realise what they are actually looking at. Not a real battlefield at all – but a very simple and fair Karma game (hence the boomerangs and yo-yos). Everything you give is coming back to you. If you don't give your all then you will not get all the good things that are coming to you. If you feel like you've got nothing to give then just give love. Give love and you will receive love. See love and you will receive love. Love everything and you will receive everything and more things to love. Hate everything and you will receive nothing but more things to hate. 

You’ve just been born again...

 And you didn’t even get wet. I’m not Jesus so I didn’t need to dip you in any water or even touch you. I’m just the humble “Ideas Guy”. Didn’t I tell you were gonna love this? Told you! Well let’s get back to the task of the day and then we can get to the music news story you and I are both here for. Don’t worry it’s well worth the wait, I promise.

This week’s task is very simple. I want you to pay attention to your metaphorical Yo-yo and your metaphorical Boomerang. The yo-yo symbolizes love and the boomerang symbolizes hate. Pay close attention to your boomerang and make sure you’re not playing with it at all. And no – not even when you order a Frappuccino and they give you a Cappuccino EVERY SINGLE TIME, or when you’re approaching the finish line only to find out your boyfriend had already finished the race when he made a sudden jerking motion like he had just been struck by lightning and is ready to hit the showers. Or when you run out of breast milk and your baby starts looking at other women's breasts. Or when you are desperately awaiting pay day and it falls on a Saturday. Or when your lady friend told you she was on her period but you later discovered she was wearing white panties. 

That’s all for now.

Okay let’s do this music news thingy, you’ve been patient enough. You've been so amazing. In fact here’s a browser cookie – enjoy! He-he-he.

After years of single-handedly conquering and dominating his local and regional underground music scenes, big things are happening and Jackson, Mississippi’s very own Drevo Coolidge has just announced dates for a 2023 US tour commencing on the 29th of April and running up until the 23rd of July. The Blck Tpe Tour, named after his critically acclaimed 6 track February 2023 EP, will be kicking off in Memphis, Tennessee and passing through Atlanta, Georgia; Seattle, Washington; Las Vegas, Nevada; Los Angeles, California; and Miami, Florida; before coming to an end in Dayton, Ohio. Tickets and dates are available on the Skunk Radio Live Events page. Listen to “Blck Tpe” below or stream it on Apple Music, YouTube Music and all popular music streaming and download platforms; as well as selected independent and underground music promotion platforms. Alternatively, just head over to SRL Music by selecting "Music" from the main menu at the top of this page and you can listen to it there and find links to listen on all popular music streaming services where it is available. Happy listening. 

Have a wonderful day, and see you tomorrow. Remember to wake up and be happy, you’re born again now.


Stream Blck Tpe on Spotify:

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