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7 Ways to Set Your Inner Demons Free



08-01-2023 19:41 GMT


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Music industry update | California, USA | Indie artist, Megan Mcduffee

Have you ever tried to catch a chicken? Or to catch anything at all that knows it’s so delicious? Imagine how many people would be more active members of society if we all had to catch and kill our own food. How many people do you know in your life right now that you can tell have tons of potential but won’t do anything with it or let anyone know they have it until they are sure they will succeed? Either because they’ve tried too many times, they know it’s really hard or because they’ve been brainwashed into thinking they need to be special to win and hence they don’t deserve it. So many right? Well imagine if there was a way you could get them active and make them feel like they’re ready to take on the world - for the very first time, or once again. There is! A limited edition vinyl of the critically acclaimed record “Inner Demons” by Megan McDuffee is currently shipping again and word on the street is if you play this amazing 10 track album backwards on repeat 7 times you can defeat your inner demons and break free from everything that has been holding you back all your life. If it’s not you who needs it, get it for that someone you know or someone who may come into your life in the future who could use it. Remember, it’s only available for a limited time. 

Disclaimer: it may not work 😊.

...okay, you don't look happy at all right now. Something tells me you rushed over here with some real problems and some really bad demons you seriously need to get rid of. So I'll give you one way to get rid of your inner demons okay? The most important way. It's just one word but it's the most powerful word in the world. It's my answer to almost every question and my proposed solution to every problem. 

There is a little riddle on my office door buzzer. I put it there to keep people away when I'm busy - It works! 

The riddle reads:

What is the missing word in the following sentence?

"The door of success is heavy and hard to open, let's _______ it together. "
A. Push
B. Kick
C. Kiss

Most people choose A or B, the answer is C. No one ever gets buzzed in and when they call my phone I pick it up and pretend it's the answering machine if it's not Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Christina Milian, Hillary Clinton or someone I really want to meet, he-he-he. 

The easiest way to find success is to attract it. You don't need hunt it down, or trick it into submission, or get really aggressive and make it your bitch, or push really hard, or "kick in the door waving the 44", or destroy all the competition. You can definitely try especially if you've got big muscles, but if it doesn't work you can easily attract it by being really awesome and loving yourself - your amazing (successful) self. Love is attraction. If I was ever met with a metaphorical or actual door of success, I would kiss it. Why? Because I'm always focused on being my best self and doing my best work - if a door of success shows up, it would simply be a manifestation of my best self (my success). And just like I do the bathroom mirror every morning when I say "good morning" to myself, I would kiss it - I would kiss ME (success).  What would you do? Tweet @SkunkRadioLive. 

So let me tell you the number one way of getting rid of your demons - LOVE. Love them like you love every other part of your being because they are YOURS. YOU created them somehow, or allowed them to come into existence in your world somehow, and they are a part of you. Albeit a part you don't like but nevertheless a part of you. And don't worry if they came about owing to circumstance beyond your control - they are yours now and that's all that matters. Once you've fallen in love with the most disgusting, hardest-to-love side of you, you would have become a better person and be in a better position to change it than if you had spent hours trying to beat it down with a hammer. Another keyword here is CHANGE. What you are really trying to do is change your demons, I suspect - not get rid of them. I don't know about you but if I had a bad child for example, I would try to change him/her/they, not get rid of them. So there you have it. LOVE first, the rest will come to you mkay? Have you ever heard the song "Do for Love" by Tupac? I never really understood or liked the track - the beat just didn't sit well with me. Plus it reminded me so much of something a famous notorious American gangster used to say - "Do for Self", and I'm not a gangster. When I discovered love, I realised that song had been silently playing away in the back of my mind since the very day I heard it. Now, I never go anywhere without my mistletoe and a ChapStick. 

Mwah! That's what that meant. 💋

Have a wonderful day. 

With love!
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