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08-01-2023 13:30 GMT


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Music industry update | Washington, USA | Indie artist, Afton Prater

I love whisky. I love road trips. Loving both of them at the same time got me in trouble so many times. So I've stopped driving 😁. 

Killing two birds with one stone is impossible and to be honest the most silly thing a human being can set out to accomplish (at least as far as I am concerned). So also is multi-tasking, and chewing and walking at the same time. Focus is what makes anything possible in the whole of the entire universe. It’s not possible to focus on two objects or objectives at the exact same time. Have you ever tried? Try now. Put your index finger up and point to the sky as if you are seeing something that isn’t there, like a crazy person (or DJ Khaled or Usain Bolt, whoever you like). Now do the same thing with the other finger and also look in the direction of the finger like your birthday balloon got away and a bird got hold of it, or something. See? You can't do it can you? Now imagine if there were literally two birds in the sky. Not Siamese birds, or two lovebirds wearing one sweater – two birds flying separately okay? Now try to come up with an amazing plan to hit both of them with the same stone at the same time. See? Impossible. Now I know what you are thinking. What if they are not flying, right? What if they are two sweet song birds sitting and singing in a nest side by side? And the truth of the matter is still the same. If you focus on trying to kill both of them the chances of doing that are still 50/50 because you’d have to aim right in-between them, and that’s not the same as aiming at one directly, right in the centre of its head to make sure it really hurts and puts it on its back so you can eat it or do whatever you planned to do when you thought about killing the poor, sweet little thing - how cruel of you, shame on you – JK, I know it was my idea, he-he-he 😊. So now you know – you must focus on doing only one thing at a time every single moment of your life to achieve the maximum and best possible result, mkay? 

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to why you and I are both here, the independent music news story of the day. Oh wait, I’m sure you were wondering why all that talk about focus and birds and all that right? Of course you were, and you’ll find out sometime during the course of your day - this amazing, wonderful day of abundance and miracles that God has blessed you with. The universe is trying to tell you something that only you can understand and see. I’ve done my part, the rest is up to you. 

Now let’s get right down to this music news thingy shall we? 

Every Bar”, the new single by Afton Prater which was released during the earlier part of last year is hitting all the right notes with fans and has been praised for its originality and freshness. The track, which continues to receive rave reviews from some of the most discerning music critics, was one of several exciting records released by the rising independent Washington, US country pop music star last year that showed immense artistic growth in terms of both performance and writing styles. Afton has evolved progressively over the 5 plus years of her illustrious career as an independent artist, and fans and critics are holding onto their seats as she edges closer and closer to country pop superstardom, to share the stage, compete for Billboard's highly sought after number one spot and tour alongside artists and musical acts like Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett, Sam Hunt, Kenny Chesney, Dustin Lynch, Zac Brown Band, Taylor Swift, Kacey Musgraves, Lauren Alaina, Carly Pearce, Lainey Wilson, that happy young black boy with the lips, Carrie Underwood, Kane Brown, Gabby Barrett and other exciting people that are topping the genre's charts and pervading the radio airwaves. 

The new record is available to stream and download on Apple Music, Spotify, Shazam, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and all popular digital music streaming platforms, as well as Soundcloud, ReverbNation and selected independent music promotion and distribution platforms. 

Watch the official lyric video of the track below. 
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