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28-05-2022 17:28 GMT


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Music industry update | New York, USA | Indie artist, Frank Palangi

Office parties are so much fun but I’ve decided to stop attending. People always seem to confide in me when they’ve been drinking, even the ones I’ve never spoken to, in fact, especially the ones I’ve never spoken to. They tell me things about themselves I never wanted to know about anybody; and for some reason, nowadays, it’s either about sex, drugs or rock ‘n roll – and I hate rock ‘n roll. Well, not so much rock ’n roll as I do rock stars. They all seem so arrogant and stern, at least the old school ones – they think they own the modern music industry and everything music. And maybe they do, but they need to come to terms with the fact that there are other genres now – everybody can’t be the next Jimi Hendrix okay, just deal with it. Like that Todd Rundgren guy who was quick to call Kanye West a dilettante, he-he-he, what a word right? When I first heard it I immediately assumed it meant lunatic for some reason. Kanye’s not a dilettante, a little crazy sometimes maybe but certainly not a dilettante. I bet you too would be a little crazy after "tasting Ray Jay’s chicken" and realizing you’ll never be able to get that taste out of your mouth 😊. Take some time to decipher what I meant by tasting Ray Jay's chicken here... Take all the time you need, don't worry, I'll wait...

Got it? 

Okay I was just kidding alright? I love Kim and I'm not bi or gay or curious or anything but I'm pretty darn sure I'd totally taste it too, after a few too many drinks on a good night out obviously, not in my right mind - and not the chicken obviously, the henhouse. There, I said it. Wait, do you need time to decipher that too? Okay, take your time... 

Anyway, back to the story…

At our last office party someone sat down beside me while I was in a very pensive Jack Daniel’s moment,  pondering softly about absolutely nothing and staring into a half empty glass (oops!! half full I mean 😁) with an untouched can of Coke in the distance and a half full bottle of Jack that I had pushed even further away in disgust as if rebuking it a few minutes prior. I didn’t make eye contact in hopes that she would go away and not disturb my moment of peace but she moved really close and whispered into my ear in a very remorseful voice -  “OMG, I’ve been so bad”. My immediate response was “Oh my God, who gives a f***?”. I didn’t say it to her but I was thinking it. I hoped my lack of response would make her go away but she continued – “Last night my daughter asked me for some advice about boys and I told her to forget about boys and just kiss girls”. She quickly proceeded to explain – “You know, I don’t want anyone sticking their filthy willie in my little princess; but I wouldn’t mind someone tossing her salad a little bit every now and again”. It totally made sense but I was still listening to her through my peripheral and not making eye contact to signal that I wasn’t interested even though she immediately gained my full attention when she said just kiss girls. She faded away into the distance and all I could think was “Wait, don’t leave; you smell so good”. I even tried to say it telepathically too, but it didn't work. To cut a long story short, I ended up pulling the half empty bottle of Jack back to me to fill the hole that awesome-smelling stranger left behind. To be honest I’m still a little aroused and I wish I could find her. Again, I must stress that I'm not bi or gay or curious or anything - I just like being around people that smell really good and make me feel warm and tingly inside when I'm drinking, I wasn't planning to kiss her or anything. 12 hours later, and I’m here, writing to you, my number one fan. You make everything better. Yes, you - you’re so awesome. 

Now let’s get right down to Frank Palangi’s pedals, shall we. Oh and sorry to disappoint you but when I said "Frank's Best Peds" I was referring to pedals not Performance Enhancing Drugs, which I know absolutely nothing about and will never use (wink, wink, wink). 

Frank's famous words, “No Plan B” still ring true over 10 years since the start of his illustrious independent music career, and even after suffering a massive setback just over 9 months ago when his home recording studio was mysteriously struck by lightning and burnt to the ground, New York’s sensational indie rock superstar is still showing no signs of giving up. Sure, it may sound like something out of a movie, but it really happened – and heck no, it wasn’t a publicity stunt to promote his latest single at the time “Fire of Love”. Yep, the fire happened shortly after the release of his latest single at the time “Fire of Love”. He’s been re-building the studio one instrument at a time and recently started using the opportunity to introduce each crucial item to his loyal fan base as they arrive so that they can get an insight into some of the magic that happens behind the scenes and some of the gadgets that make it all happen. 

This week we had the pleasure of meeting Frank’s new peds, the Dept. 10 dual distortion pedals by Blackstar, a British company formed in 2007 that is now hailed as being one of the world’s most innovative guitar amp brands by some of the world’s greatest musicians and bands. Frank, who is now endorsed by the company as one of it’s officially supported acts, told fans that he has been using Blackstar cabinets, tube pedals and amp heads since 2016. So there you have it, some more insight into the life and times of one of the most successful rising, completely independent New York musicians of all time. 

It's been a pleasure to have you here again. More soon...

And have a wonderful day...

By the way, do you know you can help Frank in rebuilding his recording studio? Yes, you can, everyone's doing it. Just head over to his website for details, the link is available below. 

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