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Music News: Saachi Sen's "Jacob" Launch Party In London | Music Discovery XO



13-05-2022 04:47 GMT


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Music industry update | London, UK | Indie artist, Saachi Sen

I hate when people say weird stuff to me; like “Happy 4:20”… Isn’t that such a ridiculous and annoying thing to say? 

“Why”, you may ask? And the answer is simple, but I’ll explain it to you first anyway. 

I believe in doing everything to the max every single time, and then subsequently doing it one last time for safety - you know, to be sure I hit and surpassed the last boundary or target I hit and surpassed the last time. And yes, I'm a very thorough lover, don't ask. To cut a long story short, if I was 4:20 friendly I would never remember when it was 4:20. Get it? In fact, I’d be so high all the time people won’t even be able to see me through all the smoke clouds, but when they do they would only be allowed to address me as His Royal Highness and never look me directly in the eyes, or else. With that being said, I should also mention that I'm a really good secondhand smoker, so if you've ever smoked in my office after I persistently asked you to stop with all the windows closed and wondered where all the smoke went, now you know - I don't have a magic vent or some kind of super multimillion dollar air conditioner that runs on Russian oil and makes things disappear in an instance like they had in the White House when Clinton was president 😁. Hell yeah I inhaled it, and I'd do it again. Now that we understand each other a little bit more, let’s get down to what we are both here for, this amazing news I’m about to tell you. And by the way it’s 4:20 AM right now and someone just whizzed past on one of those annoying scooter thingys wearing a silly helmet and wished me happy 4:20, that's what got me talking about that. What an ass hole, the vending machine is less than 10 feet away... I'm still very steamed and trying to cool down, bear with me...

I mean... how dare you tell me you’re high or about to get high, while I’m working? I don’t wanna hear that sh*t at 4 AM in the morning while I'm busier than a mosquito on a nudist beach and you just came in. SMH. I hope she reads this 😊. And isn’t it time people started walking about again instead of causing commotion with their motorized everything? Sigh! 

("Deep breaths")

Okay I think I'm good now. I've calmed down. Let’s get right down to it shall we…

London’s most exciting indie pop star, Saachi Sen announced that she’d be releasing a new record recently.  The official release date has been set for the 25th of May, 2022. It comes just over 4 months after she announced that she was heading back to the legendary Abbey Road Studios to record a new track and posted an exciting pic on social media that had us all tingling inside over here and would probably have you tingling inside too if you work in the music industry. Here's the pic below:

Saachi Sen recording music at Abbey Road Studios, London

In case you don’t already know, Abbey Road Studios is the most famous music recording studio in the world. It’s where the Beatles took that famous picture in which they were walking across a zebra crossing for their “Abbey Road” album cover, which paid homage to the iconic recording facility where they spent most of their careers recording and writing songs. Over 53 years on, it’s exciting to know that exceptionally talented acts like Saachi are still being hosted there. Every month on a particular day I won’t name, I get really wasted late at night and head over there to cross the iconic zebra crossing once in a particular direction at a very specific time with a magic wand in my pocket as a ritual for inspiration. It’s how I became such an awesome writer. Sh!!! Don’t tell anybody. Wait, why did I just tell you that? I better not catch anybody doing it. 

Now where were we? 

Ah yes, Saachi’s forthcoming track, “Jacob”, as mentioned previously, will be released on the 25th of May, 2022 and will be marked by a release party at the popular London late night live music venue and piano bar, Piano Smithfield. Tickets, time, venue information and other exciting Saachi Sen concert dates and appearances can be found on the SRL Events page. Head over there straight away and grab a ticket. Okay?!! ("Scarface voice") 

Oh wait, before you go, check out the image Saachi released as a sneak preview of what the cover artwork design of the track will look like. It’s so cool. I’m so excited already. 

CD cover artwork background image for new song, Jacob by Saachi Sen

Did I also mention that Saachi was invited back for a second year in a row to last year’s Pride’s Got Talent back in November? Even though many of the other band members couldn’t make it, the two out of five that were there put on a really spectacular and memorable performance. And then it suddenly hit me – is Saachi gay? After all, it is Pride’s Got Talent, a show dedicated to showcasing London’s rising LGBT stars, hosted by Pride in London, London’s gayest establishment 😊, literally. The thought still has me excited till this moment, in fact, just a second ago I caught myself subconsciously stroking one of my nipples really gently. Don’t worry, they’re really small so no one noticed. And yes, I can type with one hand too. So many talents, I know – I told you I was awesome already didn’t I. 

Anyway, that would be all for now. I hope you have a wonderful day. 

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