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06-04-2022 01:18 GMT


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Music industry update | Michigan, USA | Indie artist, Trevor Ohlsen

Exactly two years ago today, the UK was preparing to go into full lockdown on the 24th of March, 2019. It was one of the most dreadsome days I can remember, I was scared as a puppy – everyone was. Okay it wasn't exactly two years ago today, but it was, when I wrote this article. Forget about why it's being delivered so late and all whatnot okay, just deal with it. Okay ("sigh!"), since you insist, I'll tell you why. I discovered I've been totally stressing for a really long time now and had my panties in a bunch for so long it started looking like that big ass thong looking thingy Jesus wears on the cross, metaphorically speaking. So I decided to do something about it and I did. You want to know what I did don't you? Well, here it goes - I stopped stressing. That's why it's late okay, so sue me. Now where where we, before I was rudely interrupted. 

Ah yes..

The beginning of lockdown. I remember it like yesterday. I was doing exactly what I’m doing right now in the same exact way I was doing it then. I had just had enough wine to keep me from despairing and watched just enough television to keep me from reaching for Anderson Cooper’s neck and forcing him to spill what he’d heard about the new enemy that was killing everybody, that he wasn’t telling us. I had bought so much toilet paper on multiple trips to various stores supplemented by online shopping deliveries that I started to get really nervous when word started to emerge about shortages and people panic buying and hording. What was I to do if the police started going from house to house and checking people’s cupboards to find out who was doing it? I would have been in big trouble, phew! I know it seems unreasonable that I even thought that, but those were unprecedented times – no one knew what was coming. Looking back now I’ve got to admit I think I might have kind of sort of lost it a little bit. Who didn’t right?

It’s 4 AM and I’m on my first cup of coffee and my second liter of water for the new day that has just started, but the day can’t begin until the last one ends right? Wrong! It will NEVER end! Well at least that’s what I tell myself every night but I rarely ever make it to the 24th hour and instead wake up with my head on the keyboard and a whole bunch of stuff on the screen that I didn’t mean to write but I had been secretly thinking. Hardly any of it gets published because I’m a deep thinker and I feel the world is not ready for it. But never say never right? If you are lucky you just might get a taste of my filthy filthy disgusting mind. I’ve changed a lot since the pandemic forced me to be alone with myself for so long I felt like I had overstayed my own welcome – can you believe that sh*t? He-he-he. Knowing everyone else was going through the same thing was what kept me from totally losing it – that, and white wine.

Don’t worry; this is going somewhere, I promise. I sensed you getting a little impatient and confused there, wondering if these words have a destination. Yes they do, and we’ll get there in due course. I loosened the metaphorical collar in my mind during those difficult times – I no longer metaphorically button my shirt all the way up to the top in my head and I’m now pretty chilled. I used to be Anderson Cooper, now I’m that really hot chick that was hanging out with Charlamagne the… what’s his face? I’ll never say his full name, I don’t think he’s awesome enough to call himself that – am I missing something? Maybe he’s got God’s penis? Or what? He-he-he. Just kidding Mr. Charlamagne, I’m sure you’re awesome somehow.

This is where we segue into the main point of the article to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes. Let's not talk about Charlamagne's penis and move on.

Psst! Psst! ("Whispering") I heard it's so small it's like giving Adele Givens a tic tac. Sh!! You didn't hear it from me okay?

Just kidding obviously, moving on...

Many artists suffered severe career blows financially during the pandemic and took to online fan supported platforms to raise money. The independent music community quickly discovered that platforms like Patreon weren’t just a way to supplement their incomes but were also an exciting new way to reward fans for their loyalty and support, and a lot of attitudes towards these sorts of resources quickly changed.

Trevor Ohlsen has been busy with his new podcast throughout the pandemic. “The Trevor Ohlsen Show” is a twice weekly comedy podcast that launched back in the summer of 2020 and reached its 111th episode on the 16th of March. Through the course of the show, the Iron Mountain, Michigan singer songwriter and producer has explored a broad variety of subject matters from relationships to fashion, holidays, life, teeth whitening, body issues and even car repairs. I know what you’re thinking – that’s pretty broad right? And you’re are right. The show has quickly gained popularity and is opening a lot of doors for the fast rising pop star. This week he announced that he had finally joined Patreon as long requested by many fans who would like to support his endeavors. He also released a video to explain what fans will get in return for their support . 
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