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Tonight, it's all you



28-03-2022 01:34 GMT


Indie Music Press Releases (March 2022) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Pop artists, bands & labels with news updates announcing the latest music releases, live events/gigs, concert/tour dates, & other entertainment stories, articles & headlines from your favorite indie Pop performers & entertainers daily on SRL News.
Music industry update | Michigan, USA | Indie artist, Trevor Ohlsen

Mondays are such rough days (oops! I almost typed ruff 😊, the internet has got my English all messed up). But yeah, after being naughty all weekend, right up until Sunday night when you still can’t find your socks; you have to head over to the office and pretend you’re the real you and that what people are looking at is not what’s left of the diamond glove, jacket with too many zips wearing Michael Jackson you spent the whole weekend being. Yes, you spend the whole week working hard, it’s okay to totally let go and just be somebody else for 3 days before you put your Lady Diana hat back on at the start of the working week and make the professional world believe you’ve never farted your entire life and God has you on speed dial for when things go wrong in Heaven (he-he-he). It’s so weird because even your boss has eyes that look so heavy you’d have to check them in at the airport and you know it’s not because he/she was working late on Sunday night; well, most of the time at least. Every adult knows the difference between those staying up late at night working eyes and those “I’m starting to get really tipsy, pass me a molly” eyes.

But let's get right down to the reason we are both here, this new song that I’m about to tell you about right now. This track was actually released back in 2021 while we were all locked up in our houses hoping our friends and family didn’t visit. Yes, that’s right I said it. As hard as it is for anyone to admit, the media had the world so messed up mentally that some of us wouldn’t even open the door for our own mothers if they needed to borrow some toilet paper, or some money, or brought a batch of freshly baked brownies even. I’m not saying me, I’m just saying – you know who you are. I know you probably wouldn’t have done it in practise but you know you were thinking it right? No one’s judging you here, I blame CNN and that Sanjay Koothrappali or whatever his name is (don’t worry, it’s good that I don’t remember his real name, so I don’t get sued if he gets mad); and all those scientists that all showed their glorious asses on national and international television. Do you realise that all this while you’ve been going to work and pretending to know everything, whether you knew or didn’t; there were people out there who could go to work and tell their bosses that they knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears every time I turned on the news and this Koothrappali guy and all those so-called top scientists who could probably tell you everything that is happening on the moon and on mars right now; could get up in a press conference in front of the world and tell the WHOLE world that they don’t know a damn thing. WTF! And that’s not even the bad part, the bad part was that everyone seemed to have been totally fine with it. It makes you wonder who else is out there running the world that doesn’t even know a thing doesn’t it? I mean, the next time I go to the bank with my mask and gloves on for example; should I just tell the cashier my finger is a loaded pistol and that the red panic button under her counter is just a really hard nipple that won’t do anything? Why not? Maybe she wouldn’t know and I could make away with a couple of million in my socks, he-he-he. I’m just saying! Nobody else in the world could get away with going to work and saying they don’t know something and not at least raise an eyebrow or two.

Oh snap, we’ve diverted so far from the main subject of this article haven’t we? My bad, as the African Americans would say 😊. The reason I was talking about that Gupta guy was because I’d been watching him on TV for so long and he made me so uncomfortable until one day I was having a glass of white wine and it dawned on me – this dude always looks like he needs to make poopoo, that’s why. He made me too feel like I needed to do the same thing but I didn’t know – that’s why he made me feel uncomfortable. Either that or he knows something he’s hoping won’t spill out by mistake and he’s metaphorically sh*tting his pants on national television. You’re not going to believe this; autocorrect just flagged me for spelling “sh*tting” with only one “t”, I didn’t even know that was a real word (he-he-he).

But anyway, back to this track.

If you haven’t heard about Michigan’s rising pop sensation Trevor Ohlsen then you are about to discover something so amazing you’ll feel like you did when you discovered your first pube. Yep! I know what you’re thinking, that’s a whole lot of feel-good, it’s impossible. But I promise you, you will. Trevor made himself known locally a few years back with the release of exciting records that didn’t just speak to the soul but took pop music back to a place that was pure both sonically and intellectually. To cut a long story short, he made music that would make teenage girls double dutch rapidly on their tippy toes while screaming frantically and crying like back in the day when they saw Michael Jackson in the flesh for a few seconds before passing out from all the excitement – that kind of music. It only got better with time. The track I speak of, like many indie tracks released over the past couple of years, didn’t get as much publicity as it deserved but something magical happened back in February when it started to go viral and the buzz has been growing exponentially ever since. Originally released on the 30th of April, 2021, “Tonight It’s All You” is available to stream and download on Apple Music, Spotify and all popular digital music streaming and download platforms. And yes, you can listen to it here first. Just scroll down and hit play.


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