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Music News: A Little Something For Valentine's Day | Music Discovery XO


10-02-2021 02:20 GMT


Indie Music Press Releases (February 2021) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Soul artists, bands & labels with news updates announcing the latest music releases, live events/gigs, concert/tour dates, & other entertainment stories, articles & headlines from your favorite indie Soul performers & entertainers daily on SRL News.
Pictured: Crissi Cochrane, member of indie music collective Soul City Music Co-op

Valentine’s Day is around the corner once again. Love is in the air; and new lovers, old lovers, helpless romantics, secret admirers, lonely bastards, constantly fighting spouses, make-up-sex maniacs, friends with benefits, friends that don't know it yet, creepy neighbors, side chicks, side dudes, partners, nice guys desperately trying to break out of the friendzone, unsuspecting work buddies, freaks, cougars, and of course virgins alike all over the world are tingling all over in anticipation of what the special day will bring. 

(But not us though - when we buy a big box of chocolates it's because we've got the munchies and we know we'll have it again tomorrow. Sh! Don't tell anyone). 

This year, independent Canadian soul music collective Soul City Music Co-op is teaming up with local lifestyle brand 519 Culture to bring locals and their Valentines everything from chocolates and wine to health and wellness gifts, home d├ęcor, stationery, media, entertainment, attires, jewelry, food and fragrances all made locally in Ontario where they are based. Order online now to get your fully customized Lifestyle Box packed with goodies and surprises of your choice in time for Valentine’s Day. What’s more, it comes with a special digital album featuring a fine selection of romantic soul music by the members of Soul City Music Co-op.  

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