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Music News: Soul City Music Co-op Online Concert Dates | The Indie Music Press Release Board | Crissi Cochrane - Concert Tickets/Dates (Soul)


30-03-2020 17:27 GMT


Indie Music Press Releases (March 2020) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Soul artists, bands & labels with news updates announcing the latest music releases, live events/gigs, concert/tour dates, & other entertainment stories, articles & headlines from your favorite indie Soul performers & entertainers daily on SRL News.
Music industry update | Ontario, Canada | Indie artist, Crissi Cochrane (right) and Indie artist, Soul Brother Mike (left)

Like most, if not all musicians are doing post Covid-19, Ontario’s soul music collective Soul City Music Co-op has started streaming their concerts live online. They play on Thursdays and Saturdays at 9 PM Eastern Time, and are already doing well to keep Windsor’s quarantined population happy. The brainchild of Soul Brother Mike, husband of critically acclaimed independent soul music star, singer songwriter Crissi Cochrane, the Soul City Music Co-op was established just over a month ago to foster the careers of Ontario’s top independent artists. The collective currently consists of 6 local acts including Crissi and Mike. Their first online gig was on the 22nd of March and they'll be playing every week for the foreseeable future. Tickets and event information are available on the Skunk Radio Live Events page.

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