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Music News: This Is Big Money | The Indie Music Press Release Board | Big Money Brezzy - Artist/Band Updates (Hip Hop)


12-12-2019 17:58 GMT


Indie Music Press Releases (December 2019) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Hip Hop artists, bands & labels with news updates announcing the latest music releases, live events/gigs, concert/tour dates, & other entertainment stories, articles & headlines from your favorite indie Hip Hop performers & entertainers daily on SRL News.
Music industry update | Texas, USA | Indie artist, Big Money Brezzy

Whether they are rocking the microphone at local clubs and live music venues; dropping freestyles on YouTube or Instagram; releasing records nationally or internationally, online, on Spotify, or on popular mixtape websites like DatPiff, Spinrilla and MyMixtapes; great hip hop artists always eventually get the recognition they deserve one way or the other. It may take a little or a whole lot, and it could take weeks for some, months or even years, but when it happens it’s monumental and the local music scene they emerge from changes significantly to reveal a whole new generation of music creators that are just that little bit more determined to and confident that they can make it in the music business. Many would go on to take their careers to the next level by either following the new trend that has been set or emulating career strategies.

For many amazing artists writing a great song may come easy, but the creative process that gets them to the point where they can actually start writing productively is what many seem to be most likely to struggle with. It could be as simple as taking a warm bath, a walk in the part or a drive through town; or as complex as an ice bath, jumping in a swimming pool of alcohol, smoking weed, doing coke or whatever kids are doing nowadays, sex parties, making it rain at the local strip club, tongue kissing a stranger at the club or even at the supermarket, or travelling to a place far far away; but every single artist has that special thing that gets them where they need to be mentally, physically and emotionally in order to excel at what they do. Sadly, rituals don’t work all the time and it’s common for even popular artists and bands to have dry spells and struggle to make a hit record for a short or long while. Fortunately, that hasn’t been the case for Houston, Texas, US underground hip hop star, Big Money Brezzy for as long as he has been on the US underground hip hop scene where he has excelled for several years. With a sizable and exceptionally diverse hip hop repertoire that grows almost exponentially every year, Big Money is one of those artists that makes writing, producing, distributing and promoting their own songs, and managing their own careers independently while managing to stay on top of their genre and excel both nationally and internationally look easy. His songs are always different from everything on the charts and so compelling to listen to that they lead listeners on a path of no return back into his musical archives where they’ll be content to remain for extended periods of time not just because he makes amazing music, or because he has a way with words that gets die-hard hip hop heads tingling inside, but because of the refreshing honesty and feel-good vibe each record offers. This week, Big Money got the recognition he deserves and had his very own official “Best Of” compilation created by Spotify. The playlist is called “This Is Big Money Brezzy”. Listen below.




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