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Music News: SuperMan | The Indie Music Press Release Board | Aantdoe - Promotional Feature (Hip Hop)


23-11-2019 11:59 GMT


With a population of just over 32,000, Phenix City is a small city in Alabama that served as a haven for organized crime, prostitution and gambling back in the 1940s when gang leaders Jimmie Matthews and Hoyt Sheppard were at large, but in-spite of its past reputation, "Sin City", as it was called at the time, was named the United States' "best affordable suburb to raise a family" by BusinessWeek in 2017. It has also been claimed that the last battle of the Civil War took place in Phenix City.

Alabama has brought us iconic musical acts like Jeff Cook, Alabama Shakes, Hank Williams, Lionel Richie, Eddie Levert, Brittany Howard, Nat King Cole, Odetta and more recently, Gucci Mane, one of the most successful acts in hip hop music today, who helped pioneer the subgenre of hip hop we now know as trap music. This week on the SRL Networks Auditions we had the great pleasure of exploring Alabama's emerging hip hop scene and delving into the repertoire of a new artist from Phenix City who goes by the name of Aantdoe. His new single, "SuperMan" is due out in stores on the 8th of December. Voting is still open.




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