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Music News: KC And Sean: Back In Business | The Indie Music Press Release Board | KC Jockey - Artist/Band Updates (Reggae)


11-04-2019 15:08 GMT


Indie Music Press Releases (April 2019) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Reggae artists, bands & labels with news updates announcing the latest music releases, live events/gigs, concert/tour dates, & other entertainment stories, articles & headlines from your favorite indie Reggae performers & entertainers daily on SRL News.
Pictured: Sean Paul (Left), KC Jockey (Right)

Singer, songwriter, producer, actor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, club promoter, KC Jockey does it all. Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, he moved to Brooklyn, New York as a child, where he has resided ever since. In 2000, after several years honing his craft as an artist and getting his feet wet in the music industry, he launched his record label, Sweet Sadie's Productions and started releasing his music independently. With independent hit singles like "Livin' In Love" a fan favorite till today, "Rub Your Body" and "Girl You're Free", he secured a place close to the hearts of reggae fans and top music industry players both in New York and back home in Jamaica and quickly became well known. When the world-renowned reggae star, Sean Paul first made his mark internationally with the release of the single, "Gimme the Light" which featured on his second album, "Dutty Rock" alongside other critically acclaimed, chart-topping records like "Baby Boy" with Beyonce, "Like Glue" and "I'm Still in Love with You", Sweet Sadie's Productions hosted his first ever concert in the US at Brooklyn's Albany Manor Hall. Several years on, the two have remained in touch and are reportedly working on a TV commercial for a club together. More details will be released as they become available.




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