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Music News: Crissi's Annual Christmas Concert | The Indie Music Press Release Board | Crissi Cochrane - Concert Tickets/Dates (Pop)


12-12-2018 20:52 GMT


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It's that time of the year again. Birds are chirping, trees shedding, snow falling, pot-bellied old men making their ways into people's chimneys, kissing people's moms and eating their cookies and milk unchallenged, friends and families are exchanging socks and underwear for diamond rings, everywhere is secretly rigged with mistle toes for unsuspecting heart throbs, everyone's spending all their money, reindeer are flying in the sky, it could only mean one thing - no, someone hasn't been hitting the sauce again - it's just Christmas. And that in turn could only mean one thing - Crissi Cochrane's famous annual Christmas gig is just around the corner.

This year Crissi's "Sparkle & Shine" Christmas show will be taking place at GlassMonkeys Studios in Ontario, Canada. Full event details and ticket information can be found on the Skunk Radio Live Events page.

If you are not familiar with Crissi, then you'd better get familiar or risk missing out on some really good soul food for your ears. She's Canada's most celebrated independent artist. This year alone her songs saw over 1.5 million streams on Spotify alone. She set a record of over 5 million plays by a self-distributed, self-promoted, self-managed, fully independent artist on the streaming service back in 2016 with her song, "Pretty Words". She's got a voice even angels would wish for and a heart of gold that makes her songs resonate deeply within every listener. Crissi had a baby only a few months ago but she spent very little time off her feet before getting back to gigging. "Little Crissi" has already been seen behind the scenes at gigs getting familiar with the gear and getting his ears tuned up, and could possibly follow in the footsteps of his mom and dad, both exceptionally talented musicians.

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