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Music News: Eyenine Headlines First Show In Buenos Aires | The Indie Music Press Release Board | Eyenine - Artist/Band Updates (Hip Hop)


28-11-2018 12:42 GMT


Indie Music Press Releases (November 2018) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Hip Hop artists, bands & labels with news updates announcing the latest music releases, live events/gigs, concert/tour dates, & other entertainment stories, articles & headlines from your favorite indie Hip Hop performers & entertainers daily on SRL News.

Eyenine is one of those unpredictable artists fans can't help but keep a close eye on - he's quick with his words and even quicker with his feet.

Since catapulting to underground hip hop superstardom as one of Wu Tang Management's hottest new independent artists back when he made his debut a few years back after catching the attention of RZA of the legendary hip hop group, the Wu Tang Clan, Eyenine has travelled across the US as well as internationally and shared the stage with some of the world's greatest rappers and musicians of all time while making a lasting impression that always guarantees him an encore and another highly anticipated concert date.

Last week the New Hampshire underground rap sensation headlined his first ever show in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is anticipating more gigs in the near future. We got a glimpse of the venue just before the show, there's no question what happened after [Watch video below].


The unsuspecting venue, just before Eyenine hit the stage in Buenos Aires for the first time:

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