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Music News: Consequences | The Indie Music Press Release Board | Lion Tafari

20-06-2018 20:02 GMT


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Atlanta independent (indie) reggae artist, Lion Tafari has been thriving on the underground music scene for a while now, and is constantly being celebrated for his invaluable contributions to not just ATL's independent reggae music scene, but the US reggae scene as a whole. With tracks like "Ghetto Youth Balling" and "Remember the Dayz" released a few years back, Lion won over the hearts of reggae music critics and fans and has been closely watched by the industry. His sound is not just unique in his genre but also stands out creatively and lyrically when compared with other closely related urban genres like hip hop. His song, "Ghetto Youth Balling" is being featured in a noteable upcoming independent film titled "Consequences". It's uncertain whether Lion himself will play a role in the movie but fans are keeping their fingers crossed and holding on to their seats for his next update. Lion has been behind the scenes working on his music for a while now and has new releases on the way but release dates are yet to be announced. He is very active on his local reggae scene so fans can easily catch him performing live at popular local live music venues all year round.

Here's a short video clip from the upcoming movie ("Ghetto Youth Balling" playing in the background):

Listen to Lion Tafari's first Skunk Radio Live EP:

Buy Lion Tafari's first Skunk Radio Live EP:

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