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Bloopers: 13th Hour Music Video Shoot



17-12-2021 03:22 GMT


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Music industry update | California, USA | Indie artist, Megan Mcduffee

Would you be considered a peeping Tom in modern society if you fancied nothing more than to get a sneaky peep behind the curtains whenever your favorite artist or band is in town and maybe even get a few pics or video clips as well to take home with you and keep as memorabilia? When does a hardcore fan cross the line and become creepy? Is there an actual line or is it just an arbitrary line that appears once the subject starts feeling uncomfortable? What if you made sure they were fully dressed and nothing was showing or happening every time before peeping if there was a sure way to pull that off? What if your favorite artist is Cardi B or someone who is never fully dressed? Sigh!

 Well guess what? It turns out you probably wouldn't nowadays. Over the past few decades it has become the norm to peek behind curtains, everyone's doing it. In fact fans are being invited behind the scenes more so than ever before now so much so that if you were a creepy fella or lady who loved nothing more than the thrill of not getting caught seeing something you shouldn't be seeing there wouldn't be very much excitement left there for you anymore, if any at all. Behind the scenes clips are an exciting way to get insights into the real personas of our favorite entertainers and sometimes could even result in more excitement than the actual content - the songs, the albums, and shows we fell in love with them for. The only prerequisite is that you wait to get invited to peek before peeking, he-he-he. But wait, what if you assumed the invitation was implied? Aaarrrghh!!! Alright let's move on, head hurts now. 

Megan McDuffee has always been keen to show her fans what's going on behind the scenes since she stepped out from behind the curtains working as one of San Francisco's top independent music composers for television, film and gaming to become a recording artist, and fans have enjoyed and cherished her openness every step of the way. She recently released some exciting behind the scenes clips showing bloopers from the video shoot for her single "13th Hour" which was released earlier this year. Go ahead, check it out below, no one's judging you here, you know you want to. Go on, take a peek. Besides, you were invited. 

... "But wait, what was all that talk about peeping Toms then?" you ask yourself while scratching your head gently. Just the result of a mixture of guilty conscience and confusion in just the right amounts to be considered as neither. Let's just say some clearly labeled security cameras were recently installed and people have been doing stuff right in front of them. It's like they want to get caught. Long story short, labels have been made bigger and clearer, camera wasn't moved. 

Watch "13th Hour" bloopers:

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