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Music News: Also, Fxck Them | The Indie Music Press Release Board | Elemental - Promotional Feature (Hip Hop)


27-09-2019 16:45 GMT


Music discovery is what keeps fans going in today's rapidly changing music industry, more so than ever before. And as daunting as it may seem to browse through the vast multi-million strong music libraries of music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon mp3, Tidal, Google Play Music and even Soundcloud, it has its rewards. For some fans, it is finding an exciting new artist, band or producer that sounds nothing like they've ever heard before, while for others it's finding new acts similar to the ones they like already. If you are in the later category it may help for you to know that many great artists don't like to be told they sound like anyone else, even if you are saying they're an improvement to the existing sound - although that would be a more acceptable statement. This week on the SRL Networks Auditions we had the pleasure of discovering and listening to a new hip hop artist who Eminem fans quite enjoyed. He's New York's EleMental, who made his debut just over a year ago and has already built a sizable repertoire of music that has racked up over 5 million plays on Soundcloud. We also had the opportunity to explore his latest release, "Also, Fxck Them" and delve into the buzz behind it. Voting is still open.




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