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Music News: Good Songs Come To Those Who Wait | The Indie Music Press Release Board | Christina Custode - Upcoming Releases (Adult Contemporary)


26-09-2018 15:57 GMT


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A classically-trained singer, songwriter and pianist, New York's Christina Custode knows how to make a good song sound amazing. Since 2011 when she released her debut album, "I", which featured award-nominated tracks like "Nothing", "The One Thing" and "The La-La Song", Christina has kept discerning adult contemporary fans very happy while keeping the genre alive with really good tunes that pay homage to its essence in contemporary music.

She may not release music as often as many artists but good songs always come to fans who wait, and CC's fans are never disappointed.

It's been 4 months the New York independent artist released he latest single, "Just in Case". Christina has announced that her new song, "Let You Go", a collaboration with EDM artist, Mario Ayuda is now in the final stages of production and scheduled for release on the 10th of October, 2018. She has released a preview of the track [Listen below].

Preview of Christina's upcoming single with Mario Ayuda:

Listen to Christina's Skunk Radio Live album:

Download Christina's Skunk Radio Live Album:


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