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Music News: Friday The 13th | The Indie Music Press Release Board | Frank Palangi

15-05-2018 14:10 GMT


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Frank Palangi is mainly known for his music. In just over 7 years he went from being a newbie on Brooklyn, New York's independent (indie) rock music scene to becoming one of the most celebrated and accomplished not just in the region but across the country as well. His sound is gritty, positive and motivational, and every live gig leaves fans wanting more and more. This week we discovered that Frank is also into something else. Maybe that would explain where he goes when his disappears hastily into the night after every gig (we thought he was out fighting crime), it would also certainly explain many of his Halloween costumes. Frank is into filmmaking (short films) - but not just any films, horror films. He has already made a couple of good ones, which are available to stream free on his YouTube channel. He recently announced that his latest is drawing close to completion and will be out soon. The new film is called "Friday the 13th", so if you thought any of the previous ones was scary, you'd better buckle up. No official release date has been announced yet, but you can subscribe to his YouTube channel to be first to watch it when it is released.

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