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05-09-2021 02:48 GMT


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Music industry update | Ontario, Canada | Indie artist, Crissi Cochrane

Education is a controversial subject for many youngsters and even adults as well who are either flunking really hard or dreading the massive loans they’ve heard about while considering furthering their studies. It is also a controversial topic for various other groups of people, as well as individuals, who simply believe they can get by without it – which may be true for some, or even many, depending on the circumstances. But fundamentally, education is the key to success in any field of work; and as the old saying goes – knowledge is never wasted, no matter how useless it may seem at the time of acquiring it. But that’s just fundamentally speaking – in reality, anyone can do whatever they like as long as they are happy to deal with the consequences that come with their choices. So let’s just say education is a good thing for now and leave it at that – no one’s judging anyone here. 

This week Ontario, Canada's Nova Scotia Community College alumni published an article about one of their prides and joys - critically acclaimed singer songwriter Crissi Cochrane, a graduate of the college who studied Music Business and is now doing amazing things independently and making waves  nationally in the music industry.

This is not an article geared towards inspiring you to study Music Business and become a successful singer songwriter all on your own, it's really hard - you need to be really awesome at singing and songwriting as well for that, even after mastering the business. You also need to play the guitar like it’s a really cute baby with a full diaper that mustn’t spill, and you’ve got to look and sound really smooth too while you are doing it every single time, no matter what's on your mind, how many times you've sung the darn song, whether you've slept or eaten, or whether you've been paid yet. Just kiddin’, the world is yours, you don’t need to meet any requirements whatsoever, just do what comes naturally and makes you happy; and if you have to break any rules along the way, make sure you don’t get caught. Don’t break the law obviously, that’s not cool – wait, you mean you didn’t know rules and laws were two completely separate things that are similar but not the same? – See? Education!
[Find NSCC alumni article link below] 

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