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Tyler Noel live on IGTV



06-04-2022 08:45 GMT


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Music industry update | Georgia, USA | Indie artist, Tyler Noel

Do you sometimes kind of sort of hate everything? 

Don’t lie, I’m serious. I mean, don’t you sometimes think about some of the crazy stuff happening in the world and think to yourself: “these MFs must have really totally lost it”? And by "these MFs" you mean EVERYBODY in the whole damn world. 

I hate talking about politics and I hate people that do it too overzealously – if they know so much about politics and they’re clearly not politicians then we should first address the elephant in the room - that they obviously made the wrong career choices, he-he-he. If they know so much about politics then obviously they should be politicians shouldn’t they? 

Every time I turn on the news and see yet another video of that president Skillachi (😊 or whatever his name is, I’m terrible with names) begging the US and the UK, and other NATO countries to start World War III; my blood boils furiously. I’m empathetic and sympathetic about the whole issue but I’m one of those people that always insists on people handling their own beefs – I don’t give a damn who started it or who is ending it using unscrupulous methods, that’s your business. And for the love of God, could somebody please explain to me why in God’s name a country that has had such a formidable adversary on their ass for so long would elect an entertainer to lead them? That's what has really had me scratching my head. Nevertheless, I wish them well. 

Moving on ...

We’ve all been through so much over the past couple of years, and sadly a lot of us, whether it shows or not, have taken psychological blows. It’s important to be sympathetic to the plight of everyone around because you never know if something you say would be the straw that breaks the camel's hump, and send them straight to the nut house, OR to their basement to make a bomb. 

Music is one of those things that always has a place in any human life during difficult times but sadly the mainstream seems to be becoming less diverse by the day. It’s difficult to listen to songs about fantasy love, red bottom shoes, kissing your BFF and liking it, whatever Simon is saying, make up, hair and nails, Maybachs, helicopters, cocaine and all those exciting things that seem so important to kids and young adults today in the middle of a pandemic and a looming world war. But luck is on your side - you’ve discovered independent music and the best place to find it so you are safe, nothing can get you down during these difficult times. 

If you don’t know about Tyler Noel then let me tell you a little bit about her. Hailing from Atlanta, USA, she has made a name for herself as one of the Southeast’s most exciting new R&B artists and has a powerful voice that is guaranteed to set even the most troubled mind free. Her unique songwriting style and ability to write in a very broad variety of contexts has seen to it that her name is cemented in the minds of any and everyone who has ever had the pleasure of listening; a pleasure you are about to have right now, and that you will probably never forget. 

This week, fans got the rare opportunity to see the exciting independent Atlanta star perform live for the first time since lockdowns started back in 2019. During the short but impactful live performance, she reminded fans why they fell in love with her and why they’d missed her so much. Only a snippet of the full performance has been released so far but we'll publish the full video once it becomes available.  
[Watch video below]

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