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What Do Rebels And Dresses Have In Common?



20-08-2021 20:54 GMT


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Music industry update | Seoul, South Korea | Indie band, Love X Stereo

Rebels are often regarded as notorious, but sometimes they are simply ballzy individuals who are not afraid to push boundaries and break rules that were made to be broken, every now and again, or all the time. Dresses are awesome when they are worn correctly, and even more awesome when they are taken off, correctly - in fact, many would argue that what’s underneath is often more exciting than the dress itself most of the time if it's done right. “Rebel Dress” is the forthcoming single by critically acclaimed Korean trio turned duo, Love X Stereo, who know all about breaking music stereotypes and pushing boundaries; and they do it correctly every single time. They recently announced that the record is now in the final stages of production and that the release date will be scheduled shortly. If you like music that is just as futuristic as it is old-school then you’ll love these guys. If you know them already then you are probably already biting your nails frantically and itching for the track. Official release date, sneak previews, behind the scenes clips and more will be provided as they become available. All this talk about rebels and dresses has inspired the creation of a new riddle for you to play with while you are waiting for what is being predicted to be one of the award-winning independent band's most sensational record to date. Here it goes – 

"What do rebels and dresses have in common? 
Everyone wants to take them down." 

He-he-he, that was too easy. Come back again soon for more exciting riddles; and songs as well, obviously. 

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