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Music News: When You Give Love | The Indie Music Press Release Board | Downie Streahl - Promotional Feature (Pop)


29-10-2019 12:40 GMT


Pop artists seem to be getting a lot of stick nowadays for creating songs that lack substance, but that has been the case for pretty much as long as the genre has existed. Pop, or popular music as it is sometimes called has always been about mass appeal - getting as many listeners listening and buying as possible, and hence sometimes artists have to go to extreme lengths to make that happen even if it means sacrificing artistic integrity and creativity in the process - at least that's what critics have always thought and said. Pop music fans on the other hand have never really complained for too long. It just comes up every now and again and then goes away when a new trend is set or a new artist emerges that seems to be doing something new and improved. The reality of the matter is that if pop is too shallow-minded all fans have to do is switch over to a different genre that is not. There are so many genres and subgenres out there that all it takes is the flick of a button to a radio station that plays what you like or a TV channel that is not MTV, not to mention the Internet and mobile app stores where the possibilities are endless. But there are still and have always been pop artists who manage to gain wide appeal writing intellectually stimulating music that is also artistically sound and pleasing to the ears of the masses. Artists like Michael Jackson were able to deliver amazing sounds and write lyrics that spoke to souls of many, not to mention dance and perform like it was his last day on earth, and there are still artists that are doing just that today, MTV just won't play them for some reason so you may have to go deep into your favorite music streaming or download service's music collection to discover them yourself. The bottom line is if pop is upsetting you so much then look for a radio station, blog or music service that offers music that doesn't - you just have to be willing to put in the work, although sadly, music fans don't have time for that, who does? Luckily, this week on the SRL Networks Auditions pop music lovers had the pleasure of saving themselves that hassle once again as fans have done every single week since the program started just a few years back. Hailed as one of the most exciting new pop singer songwriters to emerge from Michigan, USA this decade, Downie Streahl is an emerging artist whose songwriting and performance style is touching the hearts of many locally as well as internationally, and she is being looked upon as one of the top emerging artists to watch in the region. We had the opportunity to review and explore her discography, including her latest album, "Are You Ready" which features the critically acclaimed single, "When You Give Love". Voting is still open.

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