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Music News: New Horizons | The Indie Music Press Release Board | C M Obrecht - Promotional Feature (Trance)


28-09-2019 16:28 GMT


Working with a broad variety of digital and analog synthesizers, C M Obrecht has created a unique sound that is quickly gaining popularity locally in Hofstetten, Switzerland. He has been creating electronic music for several years now, and his tracks are evidence of the hard work he has put in and the skills he has picked up along the way. If, like many music fans today, you like to be baffled and blown away when you listen to new music then he will certainly make your day and then proceed to blow you away time and time again with every new release. This week on the SRL Auditions we explored his discography and listened to his latest track, "New Horizons", which was released on the 22nd of September and is available to stream free on Soundcloud and selected free music promotion platforms. Voting is still open.



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