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Selfie Gets Act Together After Gruelling New Year's Detox | SRL Fake News - January 22, 2019


22-01-2019 12:22 GMT


It's officially the end of detox season at SRL - it was a total disaster, the worst we've ever seen. We thought about declaring this week spanking week but the idea seemed a little too kinky for comfort. Instead we are making everyone drink coffee and watch MTV for at least one hour every single day till Friday.

Amongst many other success stories we are happy to announce that our beloved monkey, Selfie has cleaned up his act and is back on track to becoming the high profile celebrity he set out to become when he made his debut back in 2017 with the launch of the Selfie Hotspot which was quickly followed by his very own news column, "SRL Fake News", which he allegedly named after news emerged that our skunk, Reek James accused the US president, Donald Trump of stealing his luxurious tail for his new hair piece. The rumours were never confirmed (how could anyone in their right mind believe the words of a monkey and a skunk over that of the US president, who of course was quick to claim it was fake news). But don't worry, Reek's tail grew back fine, that's all that matters.

Unfortunately, after only a few months of being the most popular monkey in London and crowning himself the king of London Bridge, he let the fame go to his head and everything fell apart really quickly. We've decided to give him another chance this year after becoming the sole survivor of our annual New Year's detox program.

Over the coming months, the Selfie Hotspot will receive the full attention of our technical department and Selfie will give SRL Fake News one more shot. Details of the projects will be announced here as they emerge. In the meantime, you can follow Selfie on Twitter (@SelfieHotspot) where all the magic happens.

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