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Music News: Wade In The Water | The Indie Music Press Release Board | Brian Ames With David Danced Collective

14-07-2018 11:05 GMT


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Released on the 1st of June, "Wade in the Water" is one of several highly regarded tracks on Brian Ames with David Danced Collective's latest project, "Myth & Truth". The track has been hailed for its exceptional performance and production following suit with the full 12 track album which has quickly put the independent Chicago, US rock band on the radar of many new fans, critics and music industry insiders locally, nationally and even internationally.

This week on the Skunk Radio Live Auditions we had the pleasure of reviewing and exploring the new album.

Band members:
Brian Ames (vocals, bass guitar)
Larry Beers (drums)
Packy Lundholm (lead guitar)
Noam Wallenberg (rhythm guitar)

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