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Music News: Illusion | The Indie Music Press Release Board | Christie Huff - New Music (Country Pop)

23-07-2018 18:00 GMT


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Making her official debut as a country pop recording artist when she was fresh out of high school at the age of 17 with her critically acclaimed award-winning single, "Soldier Song", a track that is still being hailed for its exceptional writing and performance and is still on the lips of many today, California, US singer songwriter, Christie Huff stole the hearts of fans, labels and music industry insiders right from the very beginning of her illustrious career and they have all followed closely ever since.

Just over 5 years later, the show-stopping independent Los Angeles artist has amassed a sizeable highly viable discography, has toured the US several times and has a plethora of country music lovers under her spell.

Christie has released two notable records this year - "Dream Catcher" back in February and "All to Myself" back in May. Her latest single is a collaboration with an EDM artist by the name of Arcknight. She has never branched outside of her genre before however, the track is being hailed by many as one of her best. "Illusion", the new single was released on the 4th of July and is available on iTunes, Spotify and popular digital music services.

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