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Music News: The Keymakers' New Single For Summer 2018 | The Indie Music Press Release Board | The Keymakers

16-06-2018 21:42 GMT


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Pittsburgh, US pop music duo, The Keymakers have come a long way since their debut, "Good For You" just under a year ago. After thriving independently in their respective music fields for years - Rome as an R&B singer, songwriter and producer, and Rederic as an EDM producer, the two brothers came together and formed what could only be described as a sensational music project like no other and they have been wowing pop music fans with classic records ever since. Their new single, "Burning Me Up" was released on the 6th of June, 2018 and it's already turning a lot of ears. The track is available to stream free on Soundcloud, and is also available on Spotify, iTunes and top digital music platforms.

Stream the new track on Soundcloud:

Stream the new track on Spotify:

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