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This Is Not Happening



01-11-2021 21:07 GMT


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Music industry update | Wisconsin, USA | Indie band, The Last Bees

The Covid 19 pandemic made everything so difficult. Over the past year, even the simplest of tasks have seemed almost impossible. Music fans saw their favorite artists and bands disappear into thin air as if never to be seen again. Gladly, the music industry is now slowly getting back up to speed once again, as is everything else. Music venues and recording studios are opening up and musicians are getting back to work in full force again. Wisconsin, US indie rock sensation The Last Bees have just announced that they are working on a new project. Drum tracking for the new music has started and frontman Ian Ash posted a pic on Instagram from the studio to let fans know it’s really happening. Details of the new project, release date, distribution, behind the scenes clips, sneak previews and more will be provided here as they become available.

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