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19-07-2020 12:00 GMT


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Music industry update | New Jersey | Indie artist, Goodbye Friday

Boasting all the exciting features and pretty much everything music fans, and teens in particular fell in love with about Teen Pop, and then some, they were hailed as one of the most exciting new independent pop boy bands to emerge during the new era of pop music as we know it. With singles like “Love”, “Scream For Me Baby“ and “Oh Nicole”, Goodbye Friday set the tone for an illustrious music career like nothing the world has ever seen, but sadly the quartet broke up without any explanation. It’s been a few years now, and some members of the band have started re-emerging as solo artists, bringing back the infectious, colorful, blissful sound that fans still can't get enough of. Rocco Constanza released his solo debut single, “Cloud 9” back in 2017 and quickly followed with “Heartbreak Halo” before dropping of the radar for a while again. He has recently emerged once again, playing live locally in New Jersey in a new band called Royals. Their next gig is at the Newton Moose Lodge (outdoors) in Freedon, New Jersey on the 25th of July at 7PM. Concert tickets and venue information are available on the Skunk Radio Live Events page.

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