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Music News: Yuk Fu | Music Discovery XO


12-05-2020 23:59 GMT


Emerging rock music quartet, Rebel Heart is a Canadian band that is catering to needs of classic rock music fans in British Columbia where they are from and surrounding regions. A rich blend of social commentary, humor, crunchy guitar riffs and pummeling rhythmic textures, their music features all the exciting elements of old school rock sprinkled with a hint of new school. Produced by world-renowned sound engineer and music producer, Paul Laine, whose credits include bands like Poison, Scorpions, Defiant and Danger Danger, their critically acclaimed album, “Yuk Fu” continues to enjoy generous radio airplay in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. This week on the Music Discovery XO Auditions we had the opportunity to explore their discography and delve into the buzz surrounding the emerging Vancouver Island rock sensation. Voting is still open.



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