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Music News: Badman | Music Discovery XO


08-05-2020 23:59 GMT


Collectively known as Bass Drivehertz; Old Betsy, Neekoshy and Alfio B Bomboklaat are an exciting new Drum ‘n’ Bass music trio that took their local music scene by storm in April 2016 with the release of their debut album, “Boosted Rootz” and have continued to shock fans with exciting new sounds ever since. With their unique and eclectic style - a highly infectious blend of reggae, neurofunk and hip hop; they are quickly making a name for themselves in Rome where they are from, and they have their minds set on becoming Italy’s next big DnB act. This week on the Music Discovery XO Auditions we had the great pleasure of delving into their discography and listening to one of their top singles, “Badman”. Voting is still open.



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