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Music News: The Union Jack Off | The Indie Music Press Release Board | Saachi Sen - Web Series (Pop)


12-12-2019 19:30 GMT


Indie Music Press Releases (December 2019) - Discover the best emerging, underground & upcoming Pop artists, bands & labels with news updates announcing the latest music releases, live events/gigs, concert/tour dates, & other entertainment stories, articles & headlines from your favorite indie Pop performers & entertainers daily on SRL News.
Music industry update | London, UK | Indie artist, Saachi Sen

A distraught and badly eaten (yes, eaten) wife returned home to her husband after disappearing for several hours when she said she was only heading down to the local supermarket to pick up a few things. She was in tears, in a state of panic and shock, she smelt horrible, she had patches of hair missing from the back of her head, scratches all around her neck like she had been strangled, her clothes were completely ripped and she was being comforted by two local police officers who reassured her they would fine the perpetrators and bring them to justice, before putting their police caps back on, closing the door quietly and driving off in their police van. Over the next 30 minutes, in a distressed state, she explained to her husband every single thing that happened, exactly as it happened, one disgusting and humiliating act at a time. She had been kidnapped and gang-raped for more than 7 hours by a group of horny teenagers who she suspected were her son’s friends because they were all wearing familiar looking Halloween masks and costumes that didn't quite fit from several years back. When she finished, her husband was exhausted and responded fraustratedly: “err… well, did you come?” 

The music industry has gotten so serious over the past decade so we’ve decided to inject a little bit of fun back into it one day at a time by throwing in a few jokes at the beginning of every other news story or review so that music fans can start smiling again and more importantly buying music again to support artists instead of swearing never to fatten the pockets of music industry fat cats and flamboyant rappers who would just buy more jewellery and teeth to show off instead of feeding Africa, adopting a black baby or doing something that lets the world know they care. We love gold teeth but what we love more is good music, and if those teeth are not contributing to the sounds coming out of our favorite artists’ mouths then just how many is too many?

Nowadays, more so than every before, the music industry's top players’ greatest fear is not getting a return on their investments. For years major labels have spent millions scouting and developing new talent and the outcomes were somewhat predictable especially since the competitors where fewer and hence music fans had fewer options to choose from. Now that there are so many new artists music fans are spoilt for choice and have become more unpredictable than a bag of Skittles. Artists themselves have become even more unpredictable. One day we are listening to Kanye West talking about Japanese prostitutes and being God, the next thing he’s on his knees praying to Jesus. One day 50 Cent is blowing holes in our speakers with at least one gun shot on every single song, next thing he’s talking about going to the “Candy Shop” and singing sweet songs about having babies. One day Eminem’s a crazy, insane, mother-raping, mushroom eating, ecstasy popping, suicidal, homicidal white boy whose only goal in life is to come on the WHOLE world, find out where its anus is located, and then come in that too; the next thing he’s an American gangster? And what happened to Miley Cyrus? We loved the weed smoking, twerking, licking everything, tongue sticking out, raunchy, horny, no ass no boob having Miley Cyrus; that was hot. What the hell happened to that? Skinny light skinned girls is our thing here, so if you didn’t know already, well now you know what to put in our Christmas stocking - no more socks and tighty-whities please. We’d happily trade 2 triple lap dances from Cardy B, Iggy Azalea AND Nicky Minaj at the same time - that’s 3 massive, nasty, eye-watering Badonkadonks that have seen more cock than chickens for just one disgusting twerk from Miley any day.

But enough about us, let’s get right back to the story. The music industry is in such turmoil now that the rumours, the gossips, the rants and the scandals seem to have become more interesting to fans than the music itself. That means artists are selling more advertisements and newspapers than actual music and that’s really hurting the record labels. But most importantly it’s hurting the few remaining people in the world who actually still turn on the radio to brighten up their days and feel good. If you are one of those people then you know how much it hurts to turn on the radio and hear Drake singing about fat asses and big breasts to broaden his fan base and get a piece of the R&B pie when all you wanted to hear was a real love song that made you feel special.

Luckily there are still artists out there who focus on making good music and not how to sell it. And they will always be sure to brighten up our days with meticulously played and exquisitely written songs that speak to our souls when we need it the most. Hailing from London, UK, Saachi Sen made her debut back in 2012 with the release of “Heal”, a song that is still hailed for its originality and its power to in fact heal a soul that has been a victim of today’s music industry malarkey. Saachi isn’t one of those artists that releases a new song everyday but she writes and plays music that means the world to starving music fans in need of music with substance. She is one of those artists that only emerges once in a lifetime and she is held close to the hearts of many Londoners. Her latest single, “Dark” was released to critical acclaim earlier this year and is still one of the most talked about records by anyone who knows anything about London’s highly competitive emerging music scene. This week the track was featured on the popular UK comedy podcast, “The Union Jack Off” which is hosted by Australian comedian, Daniel Muggleton. Listen below. 

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