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Music News: Sparks & Traces | The Indie Music Press Release Board | Wout - Promotional Feature (Pop)


14-12-2019 01:40 GMT

Sparks & Traces

Geneva is a global city and home to the highest number of international organizations in the world including several United Nations and Red Cross agencies. It is the second most populous city in Switzerland and the world's most compact metropolis. Hailed as the "Peace Capital", it is ranked among the 10 most liveable cities worldwide. This week on the Music Discovery XO Auditions we had the great pleasure of discovering and exploring the discography of a talent musician from the iconic city, who has got his mind set on becoming Switzerland's next big international act. Wout released his debut album, "Sparks & Traces" on the 20th of December, 2018 after several years in the making and several years honing his craft as a musician since a teenager. Voting is still open.



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