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Music News: Maud The Moth's Third Album | The Indie Music Press Release Board | Maud The Moth - Artist/Band Updates (Avant-Garde)

23-07-2018 23:00 GMT


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She gives Lady Gaga the heebie jeebies. She'll raise Beethoven from the dead. She's bizarre, she's utterly exciting, she's unpredictable, and most of all, she'll blow your socks off when you least expect it the most - and yes, you'll have to go home without them.

Maud the Moth took Edinburgh, UK by surprise back in 2011 when she first stepped on to the music scene. With songs like "June" and "50 Cent Soul", both featured on her first album, "Home Futile Home", she gained widespread recognision for more reasons than could be counted on both hands and feet. At the top of the list was the fact that she was, and still is very different from what music fans have become accustomed to especially in the music industry today. Maud not only stands out sonically and stylistically, she also stands out visually and has a captivating presence like no other that has fans mesmerised from the minute she takes the stage.

Her music is so complex and virtuosic that it is hard to classify it as just one genre. She plays a classical style of music that is infused with subtle elements of pop, rock, alternative and folk. Her vocals are strong and she writes deep, introspective, insightful lyrics that keep the audience thinking.

She is currently on her Summer, 2018 tour which began on the 3rd of May, with venues in Spain, England and Scotland. The tour ends on the 29th of July at the Mugstock Music Festival in Glasgow.

Maud has announced that she's working on her third album which is due to be released later this year. She released a sneak preview of some of the mind-boggling piano work to expect.


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