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Music News: Amycanbe's Summer 2018 Tour | The Indie Music Press Release Board | Amycanbe

20-07-2018 18:26 GMT


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It's the news alternative music fans have been waiting for all year round and it couldn't have come at a better time. Summer is the time when everyone's itching for somewhere pleasant to go to bathe in the sun and take in the fresh air and surroundings. It's the best time to hang out with family and friends, and of course the best time to have a drink or two in the park, not to mention get your top off and show a little skin. And there's nothing like some good music to make those good times last longer and feel even more special - but not just any music, really good music. This is where these guys come in. They've been hailed for keeping the essence of music alive and restoring some order in the chaotic, over-competitive (and not in a good way) world of pop and rock, and rightfully so, but Italian rock band, Amycanbe isn't trying to do all that even the least bit - the band is just that amazing.

Making their debut back in 2007 when they released their critically acclaimed 13 song album, "Being a Grown-up Sure is Complicated", which featured best-selling records like "Your Own Thing", "Killer Bees" and "Heal", the band took their home region and the world as a whole by surprise and have since continued to do so up till today. The album was hailed not just for its exceptional performance and flawless production but also for being so unique that it was hard to classify - some called it rock, some said it was indie, others alternative, trip hop, but whatever it was no one was keep to call it a pop album for fear of tarnishing the image of the album. Many seasoned music fans at the time had just began to look at pop as trash and unfortunately have continued to do so more and more till today, so their loyal fans and critics, especially independent (indie) music fans made sure not to associate it with that. But no matter what their music is classified as, Amycanbe is a band that stands out like Italian shoes. Their music reeks of virtuosity and quality, and from the minute the play button is pressed till the moment the record stops, they are able to hold any listener's full attention.

Their latest full album, "Wolf" was one for the history books. After several chart-topping releases, concerts and tours under their belt, their sound had gone from being amazing to being out of this world. "Wolf" is an 11 track album that blew the socks off anyone and everyone who had the pleasure of discovering it. Like many of their releases, it became one of the top new independent releases on vinyl and is also available on CD. They went on to release a short EP, "Plata o Plomo" after that. "Plata o Plomo" was their first EP that wasn't predominantly in English but it still received a lot of praise for what it signified. It was an album created ahead of their big gig, "Escobar El Patron" at the DIG Festival in Riccione this year. The festival was created to recall and draw attention to the influence and impact of the Mafia on society.

Amycanbe's 2018 tour commenced on the 18th of July and will end on the 29th. Full details, venue, and ticket information are available on the Skunk Radio Live Events page.

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