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MAY 24, 2018 on The Indie Music Press Release Board | SRL Service Update

24-05-2017 22:22 GMT


When asked for an update on SRL's new GDPR-friendly (i.e. compliant - we hate big words) privacy policy, the response we got wasn't what we were expecting at all (it's definitely not ready), although it wasn't totally unusual either. It's safe to say the newly appointed GDPR compliance officer isn't too pleased about his new responsibility - of course he isn't, he already has a tonne, but he seems more displeased about the GDPR hype than anything else. Hype really gets him crazy. There were a few "F" words thrown around, a reference to his skin tone, the word "big" was certainly in there somewhere, and of course there was something in there about smelly bottocks and someone kissing them. And to top it off, a well slammed door to make sure everyone got the point. It's been a long week, but then it always is around here so that's not an excuse to disrespect the good folks out in Europe who are doing everything possible to make sure Mark Suckerberg doesn't end up handing over our personal data to aliens, just to sell a few more Ads - who knows what they'll do with it?

But this is not the first time he's mouthed off like that owing to the pressures of work. Just over a year ago when asked if he was voting to leave the EU, he yelled out furiously, "Kiss my ****** ******* Brexit", again followed by the customary well slammed door. He was issued with the ultimate penalty around here - yes, you guessed right, we made him drink coffee.

Please rest assured that our new privacy policy will come into effect at 00:00 GMT on May 25, 2018 - hopefully. In the meantime we've penalized our GDPR compliance officer with 4 cups of our best coffee, WITH milk. That'll really show him.

The new privacy policy will be available at



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